What Manner Of Mind Created Our Current Chaotic World?

Which type of mind has been at the center of determining world outcomes, and which choices were made?

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In a world fraught with real and imagined/predicted crises, it is of paramount importance to get prepared or be prepared to respond to crises. However, it is also essential to contemplate how crises emerge. Such contemplation may enable a response that prevents future crises from materializing.

Fact: We exist in a psycho-socio-economic and historical state, which has been shaped for much of the past millennium predominantly by the “Western World.”

Because we are not historians, no attempt is made here to provide a systematic account of the developments that led us to 2023. Rather, we present selected events that produced the current state—especially economic aspects.

We start by recognizing that, early on, Western World scientists realized from their engagement with African and Eastern cultures that the mind is the most important and powerful tool in the universe.

Why? Because each man-made occurrence originates from a thought.

This is good news because it tells us that we can, to a great extent, control life. Our lives become favorable or unfavorable depending on the extent to which we sift through our thoughts and then choose to materialize those thoughts that are to be beneficial in the short and long run.

Which type of mind has been at the center of determining world outcomes, and which choices were made? In the interest of space and time, let us restrict our consideration to the past 500 years.

The world knows, but continues to attempt to sweep under the carpet, the fact that the mind to which we refer was hell bent on generating materialistic wealth in a cold and cruel fashion and with a near total disregard for the human suffering that ensued.

The rape of human capital and natural resources from Africa and their deployment in the Western Hemisphere is a case in point.

The mind in question captured North, Central, and South American lands using inhumane tactics, including biological warfare and outright murder, to effect genocide.

This mind decided to ignite the Industrial Revolution with machines that used fossil fuels, which have ushered in the horrors of Climate Change less than two centuries later. Rejecting the first thought and having futuristic vision, wisdom, and patience would have drawn “green energy” forward in time and changed the course of human history.

What do populations on islands, in low-lying lands, and places like California think about this decision today?

When conflict arose between nations, this mind decided to research weaponry that would place the entire Earth—our only home—at risk for unimaginable and long-term destruction. At that time, vision and wisdom applied to the global strategic game would have yielded the realization that doomsday instruments would soon dot the globe, rendering them all unusable or guaranteeing “mutually assured destruction.” It is logical to believe that the human, financial, and material resources expended to create this weaponry could have potentially produced methods for ensuring durable global peace.

Knowing that genetic differences between members of the human species are miniscule, which mind would concoct and promulgate a supremacy philosophy to “justify” the denial of inalienable rights, and underpin a divisive, perverted, and classist economic system?

To preserve differences manufactured by the just-described economic system and the wealth and power that it generates, which mind uses purposeful misdirection in “education,” and subliminal programming through media to thwart the rise of almost all of those in the system?

Finally, which mind organizes a harlot as the center of much of the world’s intellectual, productive, and financial operations that are seeking “development/advancement,” then threatens to leave the world high and dry by failing to meet its fundamental obligations. The threat is material because the harlot’s military forces are unparalleled in their reach.

The harlot believes that she has the unmitigated power to “say be and it is.” On the other hand, it could be that the handwriting is on the wall telling us that that which appeared to be too big to fail may not be too big to fail.

Even the very young know that wealth is power and that power rules. Therefore, we need look no further than the top of Forbes Magazine’s list of billionaires as a starting point for comprehending the mind about which we speak.

The mind characterized in the foregoing is barbaric and unworthy of its self-elevated and lofty position.

The world would be well-served to embrace a “Great Reset.” However, a search should not be underway for a single nation, group of nations, or group of corporations to usher in and lead a new Earth era. On the contrary, a favorable contribution of the previously described mind is “technology” which, when used properly, permits all of us to contribute to the development and evolution of our world.

It seems reasonable, however, that the heretofore locked-out, despised, rejected, and those who have suffered most under the rule of the previously characterized mind have the background, knowledge, and wisdom to extend advice and counsel so that the newly unfolding world will be elevated to a higher “human” (not of the cyborg variety) plane.

Importantly, to ensure that the world moves forever forward and upward, we should not fail to pause periodically to contemplate: “What manner of mind?”

Dr. Brooks Robinson is the founder of the Black Economics.org website: https://blackeconomics.org/index.php/about-us/

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