We Must Resist Trump’s Assault on Immigrants — Public Advocate Williams

Public Advocate Williams. Photo: Facebook
Donald Trump wants to dismantle immigrant communities in this country one way or another.
Whether by defying the Constitution in his failed attempts to target non-citizens with the census, or defying basic humanity by targeting individuals and families with ICE raids, he is determined to discount, deport, and disappear immigrants across the country. 
As his administration continues its assault on immigrant communities with planned ICE raids in the coming days, those of us with power, with privilege, with a voice, need to stand up for those being attacked. To all immigrants in our city who are under threat, you have allies and advocates who are with you. We won’t be discounted. We won’t disappear. We will keep fighting for you.
Here are The #KnowYourRights information that can be downloaded in EnglishSpanish and Haitian Creole

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