We Must Defeat Trump along With His Make America White Again Racist Constituency

The Trump Presidency has been a resurrection boon for dormant American racism

[Donald Trump & White Supremacy]
Benjamin: “Still, ask yourself this: with whom do we have a better chance of advancing our agenda? Republicans are always telling us about how President Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves.”
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In less than two weeks, the world will witness whether Donald Trump’s white supremacist agenda will have four more years of American presidential power.

From the very beginning, Trump’s poisonous presidency has been underpinned by his platform of prejudice. If Trump is able to steal this election, as he is clearly trying to do now, the attacks against Black America, and other minorities, will erupt exponentially.

We must defeat Trump and his make America white again constituency.

Black Americans, Latino Americans, Native Americans, and other minorities must continue to vote in droves, now thru early voting, and on November 3rd—regardless of the multiple undemocratic Republican voter suppression tactics that are being used to stop us.

The Trump Presidency has been a resurrection boon for dormant American racism—and the assorted crooks and kooks connected to groups like the Boogaloo Boys, Proud Boys, Patriot Front, Patriot Prayer, QAnon, Vanguard America, and others. Four more years of Trump would further the ascendency of these violent and dangerous racists.

These domestic terrorists are all relishing their enhanced prominence because of Trump’s not so silent blessings. Time and again, Trump defends white supremacists and right-wing, Second Amendment, gun-crazy extremists. They anchor his base of support. Therefore, Trump protects them.

For example, this supposed “law and order” president reportedly told federal law enforcement officials to make public statements sympathetic to Kyle Rittenhouse—who murdered Joseph Rosenbaum and Anthony Huber in Kenosha, Wisconsin during protests against racist police violence. In one document, these law enforcement officials were told to say Rittenhouse “took his rifle to the scene of the rioting to help defend small business owners.”

Trump has claimed Rittenhouse committed these two murders in self-defense. Like many things coming from Trump’s lying lips this is just nonsense.

When Rittenhouse was being chased, by Anthony Huber, who was his second victim, he had already killed an unarmed Joseph Rosenbaum. Huber, armed with only a skateboard, was gunned down trying to apprehend Rittenhouse for his initial crime of murdering Rosenbaum.

But while Trump defends this white teen murderer (unlike his calls for the execution of the innocent Central Park Five) and remains silent about white supremacist groups, like the Proud Boys, he rails about the bogeyman Antifa—even when his own FBI declares right-wing white supremacists are the primary domestic terror threat.

But as we already know Trump referred to neo-Nazis and racists in Charlottesville as “very fine people.”

Trump has always promoted bigotry for political expediency from the genesis of his political rise when he promoted the racist Birtherism conspiracy theory against America’s first Black President Barack Obama.

Let’s be clear here, Trump knew Obama was born in America’s 50th state. But his not so coded racist message to the Republican Party faithful was simply this: that nigger “darkie” is not white and is therefore unworthy to sit as president in the White House. Here the idea is: only white people can’t be trusted in leadership positions.

Interestingly, neither Trump, nor the other Birther believers, ever questioned the late Senator John McCain’s eligibility to be president. Unlike Obama, McCain wasn’t even born in any of the 50 states. He was born in Panama.

Racists, like Trump, who pushed this Birther theory seem to have conveniently forgotten that even if Obama had been born in Kenya, he would still have been a citizen—because citizenship would’ve been conferred upon him by his American born white mother. But racism is irrational.

Trump’s tactical decision to use racism running as a Republican isn’t surprising given the race-baiting “Southern Strategy” history of the Republican Party over the last fifty years. But unlike past Republicans, Trump’s racism was more upfront, in your face, and bellicose. Because of him, many racists are now proud to parade their prejudice right out in the open.

Racial violence is now more likely than at any time in the last several decades.

All of this makes this 2020 Election the most consequential of our lives. Trumpism must not only be beaten it must be routed for the betterment of a nation that is fast becoming more multicultural.

However, we must realize Trumpism will still be around for some time even if the best-case scenario plays out. Trump has opened wide the Pandora’s Box of American racism and white grievance.

If Trump gets the shellacking he deserves the violent reactions of his supporters will, likely, be more destructive, in its immediacy. But, in the long run, Trumpism can then be contained, if not fully eradicated.

But if Trump “wins” the republic will be in serious jeopardy of being destroyed and Black, and other non-white people, will become targets of ethnic cleansing. In this worst-case scenario, the racist violence will probably be, initially, restrained as Trump’s racists bask in the victory of their white champion. But the long-term damage and violence will be worse and continue on further into America’s future.

Those who think this is hyperbolic have probably not been paying close attention to Trump.

Besides launching his political platform on the Birther lie, Trump’s major policies were, and still are, rooted in racism against the non-white “other.” There was his proposed Muslim ban, where he stereotyped all Muslims as likely terrorists. We heard him talk about “building a wall” to keep supposed Mexican criminals, rapists, drug dealers, etc. out.

Trump’s whole immigration stance is based on racism. He has complained about America having immigrants from “shithole countries” in Africa and Haiti while fantasizing about having white immigrants from Norway come to America, a truly delusional notion.

Let’s also remember this: Trump’s immigration policies, like child separation, babies in cages, is largely overseen by Stephen Miller—who has already been exposed as having very close ties to white nationalists and white supremacists.

Trump has tapped into white fears of a darkening America.

This is why many support him despite his despicable deeds. This is why a majority of white women voters voted for him despite his “grab them by the pussy” philosophy.

With less than two weeks before the election, some voters say they are still undecided. How can this be?

Arguments are being made that Joe Biden leaves much to be desired. True. However, in American politics we are often faced with far less than perfect choices. Yet, in this case, it is hard to understand how any non-white person, who isn’t rich, and how any racially sensitive white person thinks this is somehow a hard choice.

There is a segment of Black America that is understandably skeptical of the Democrats who many times have given us nothing but grand empty promises. Yet, Black America, far too often, isn’t holding Democrats feet to the fire to deliver on their promises to us. We must correct this.

Still, ask yourself this: with whom do we have a better chance of advancing our agenda? Republicans are always telling us about how President Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves. To echo Janet Jackson, what in the hell have Republicans done for Black Americans lately?

After decades of the “Southern Strategy,” what they have done is allowed a racist like Trump to use the GOP to unleash a new dangerous era of white supremacy upon us.

In this election, we must stop this resurgent racism and Donald Trump.

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