Walking the streets of humanity with the intentions of living for life, we find our reward on the other side of bondage.

Living for freedom, we hear the words of your chains holding our mind to the fields of your fires.

Stirring the ignorance of your traffic, you gather the white nights for cries falling on death ears of pleasure.

When the Garden of Eden was created for walks of life, freedom said, we live here without graves of voyages.

We hear the whispers of your thoughts as you walk through the color of our skin for your amusement.

Escaping the trees of your midnight rides, we summons the total eclipse of our attentions and find our dreams.

Understanding the dream of our reality, our education becomes our weapon to combat the illiteracy of your teachings.

Plotting to combine night from day for our living, we live here for the waters that the earth gave freely.

Discovering ourselves in time to unite for books of learning, your learning has a fury of unimaginable teachings.

Dissatisfied with life on the run with our hands up, the graveyard brings your delayed captivity into view.

My beautiful skin color has me trapped in the serenity of your mind that you designed for hunters’ paradise.

We live here for the mountains to bring us views of breathtaking memories from generation to generation.

Adhering to the eyes of your love for black women and destruction of black men, we crusade against apartheid.

Social intolerance of days of our skin color being a witness of death, our flag of freedom does not exist.

Classified for time to come on the hills of your justice, we rise to epic heartbeats of words that connect our spirits.

With the infiltration of your domestic violence, we live here with the knowledge of education to breathe.

Your need for dominance and superiority are lifeless; the life you disdain has skills too surgically to improve life.

Garrett Morgan’s invention of his breathing device earned him the first prize of the Second International Exposition of Safety and Sanitation in NYC.

Bessie Blount became the first Black woman to train and work at Scotland Yard in forensic science with law enforcement.

Lewis Howard Latimer was an electrical engineer and helped patent the light bulb and telephone.

With the evolution of life and time that time forgot, we live here with life and time that we invented.

Written by Theodore Mosley
June 26, 2015

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