Watch Black Movies This Holiday As A Family Act of Economic Empowerment

By Edwin Freeman

Photos: Edwin Freeman

The spine of the holiday season is spending quality time with loved ones. As families gather this year, I call on them to shift their viewing habits and lift up Black content creators. Intentional media consumption can directly combat inequality in Hollywood.

As an African American actor and filmmaker, I recognize the influence entertainment wields. My own documentaries strive to spotlight social justice issues impacting the Black community. However, these projects depend on people watching.

Streaming numbers drive investment decisions across the industry. The more views that titles like “Modern Day Slavery” and “Beats & Lyrics” achieve, especially over the holidays, the more likely I can secure financing for future films aiming to move the cultural needle. 

Likewise, established Black creators rely on family support. Projects like Tyler Perry’s intimate documentary “Maxine’s Baby,” Beyoncé’s musical odyssey “Renaissance,” and the H.O. Ward biopic “Silver Dollar Road” elevate when families opt-in.

In fact, Nielsen data reveals that diverse TV shows and films are massively underfunded compared to the revenue they generate. While Black creators drive billions annually, they receive a fraction of Hollywood spend.

The Black dollar holds formidable influence. Families backing Black media this holiday season can force systemic change.

Streaming an uplifting series, discovering a documentary that broadens your perspective, watching an animated film featuring characters that look like your children – these small acts signal an appetite for diverse stories. 

Give your family the gift of time this holiday – time spent immersed in meaningful films. Laugh, cry, and discuss stories from varied lenses. This builds cultural awareness for the next generation while empowering exceptional Black talent.  

The more we watch, the more opportunities emerge. This holiday season, let your family’s view counts pressure Hollywood to fund the future of Black filmmaking. What we watch together sparks a movement.

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