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You live in the present but often think of what the future holds. The National Museum of Education preserves your inventions for the benefit of future generations. It celebrates the efforts of students, tutors, administrators, and other people who contribute to the success of an innovation.

Take a tour to the National Museum of Education and learn how to become an inventor or succeed with the invention plan you are already working on. Do your best to receive awards for your work of creating progress in society.

Forum for building your inventions

Away from the school curriculum where you keep reading theories, the National Museum of Education offers you a better opportunity. It helps you transform the theoretical knowledge to practical work that you later sell out to the market to benefit others. Your critical and creative thinking improves while becoming innovative.

The museum has an inventucation program that enhances your learning of science and mathematics. It comes up with new methods of inquiry to improve teaching and learning. You receive motivation to develop critical thinking to help you solve real-life issues. It makes it easier for you to involve in problem-solving activities through its constant support from skilled teachers.

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The National Gallery of honor

Many people try to make a difference in every aspect of life to better the existing living standards. The National Museum of Education’s registry recognizes these people from institutions of learning. They honor your name in their museum and maintains your legacy forever on their website.

You qualify to enlist on the Honorary Registry when you change the world or attempt to using your invention. You must foster growth to make a difference in the field of education to stand a chance of receiving the honor. It brings you and other Americans together to learn and build each other to spearhead the greatness of the nation. 

The Williamson award

Mentors help you have someone to look upon and emulate as you try to build your invention. Frances Williamson is among the mentors The National Museum of Education has ever had. She used her skills to foster student inventions in the field of science through her many creative scientific projects.

The museum holds an award in her honor where you have to have an idea for a new educational concept or ways of improving an existing one. You receive awards after crowning as the winner to the innovative competition that aims for a better America. It motivates you to become an active participant in solving real-world problems.

A strong supportive team

The National Museum of education has a great team of skilled experts to guide you on the best ways to build your project. You have a chance to interact and learn from an innovation expert who teaches you on the tricks of solving problems for a better invention. 

The team is well vast with student innovation competitions from their participation in many of them. It assures you of a successful win once you put in extra efforts in a project.

The team focuses on growing inventucation program by training educators from all fields. It achieves exemplary results from the many new creative innovations and improvements to the old ones too. They hold In-Service workshops where guest speakers from colleges and classrooms advise and inspire you as you have an exciting experience.

Pick some ideas to start with

You have many projects to pick from its list of existing inventions. They major in the arts, foreign languages and English, social studies, and business-related subjects. Subjects on science are the largest shareholder in the list with many options to pick.

You must pick a subject, then begin thinking of a project based on it. There are open opportunities for you to seek help from your teachers and the team for clarification. In the end, you engage in an award-winning competition to feature among America’s inventors.


You enjoy the many successful inventions that grew from the basic concepts in various subjects. You have the chance to use some of these principles to better the world tomorrow. The National Museum of Education gives you this chance to help you build your idea from scratch to a productive element that is of benefit. Visit it and view what it offers to pick an existing innovation and improve it or create your own.

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