Yaksta: “Hype & Bruk”

Photo: YakstaMusic.com

Reggae\Dancehall artist Yaksta (Bush Lawd) has released a new visual for his song “Hype & Bruk.”

Yaksta (Kemaul M. Martin) has been dropping musical gems throughout 2021 including the songs: “Free My People“, “See And Know”  and “Ambition.

The artist and songwriter who hails from St. Mary, Jamaica is again flexing his lyrical muscle in Hype and Bruk.

The Reggae website Reggaeville says this of Yaksta: “Finding solace in song-writing… from his early childhood, he spent his formative years working on music projects and focused on Reggae and Dancehall culture as opposed to his studies. After several stints in hospitality at popular Jamaican beach resorts and running his own business selling clothes as a way to make ends meet, Yaksta soon decided a full-time life in music is the only way for him. ‘I am music incarnate and I’ve given up on avoiding my destiny…”

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