Lauren Dukes: “Closure”

Photo: Facebook

R&B Singer-songwriter Lauren Dukes has released the following session video for the song “Closure.”

Music website The Urban Music Scene says this about Dukes:

“Emerging R&B Singer-songwriter Lauren Dukes is set to release her self-titled debut EP on September 2nd. For years Lauren Dukes has made a name for showcasing her talent for performing throughout the local Chicago scene. Her self-titled debut EP is a welcome calling card to an artist ready to breakthrough. Along with the announcement, Dukes unveils her new live session video for “Closure.”

“Closure” is a song with many applications, however, at its core the piece is about wanting what we may not be able to have again & having to accept whatever that answer is in the end. Dukes says, “It’s something we all want. But it’s rare to get it…closure.”

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