Kamala Harris “Unburdened” Speech Implies Slavery Doesn’t Matter (WATCH)

Political Commentator Yvette Carnell challenges Kamala Harris and her campaign for presidency on her weekly Breaking Brown show. Carnell pushes Harris on issues of identity and agenda for Black America in the 2020 Presdential election.

Kamala Harris’s Gambit: Leveraging Racism and Sexism to Deflect Criticism

Yesterday morning, Kamala Harris launched her presidential campaign. She chose Martin Luther King Day on purpose, it was her way of letting us know that her race and gender will be wielded like a cudgel against anyone who dares to inspect her record. After spending a career prosecuting the poor and working class while looking the other way as the executive class dispossessed millions of Californians of their homes illegally, she is going to spend the next two years pretending to be a progressive voice of persecuted people everywhere.

While Harris “rises above the fray”, her supporters and campaign staffers will tar and feather people who have the audacity to highlight her past by calling them racists, sexist or both. Never mind that Kamala Harris locked up women and “minorities” with impunity, it’s not her acts that are hateful but those who dare call attention to her record. This is a perversion of justice, the same people who pushed malicious laws and regulations turn around and cry victim when their actions are inspected. Let me channel my inner Kamala Harris prosecutor spirit and present you, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, with prima facie evidence of this deplorable tactic.