Jay-Z & Puff Daddy Don’t Understand Black America or Black Wealth

Jay Z Puff Daddy Decadent Veil

Attorney and Emmy Nominated Producer Antonio Moore gives a scathing review of Jay-Z and Puff Daddy. Moore uses data, and a analysis of politics to layout the case that both entertainers do not know what they are saying when speaking on the condition of Black America. Moore also speaks directly to a recent statement by Jay-Z saying that Black America needs to “Boss Up and get it together”.

Moore Detailed this in his piece “Decadent Veil: Black America’s Wealth Illusion”

The veil created by mass media, sports organizations and our own psyche in Black America is one of safety through presentation. It is an inversion of the same model implemented by Dr. Martin Luther King so many years ago, except where Dr. King instilled global empathy by showing images of Bull Conner’s disciples water hosing black teenagers. Instead NBA commissioner Adam Silver hands black teenagers million-dollar deals and ESPN then projects that as a normal image of black life across the globe creating apathy for Black America’s truly dire financial straits. This all being shown despite there being a prison rate amongst young African American males that is higher than we have seen in any modern society in history. While media projects Beyonce signing a Pepsi $50 million ad campaign throughout the World Wide Web, the fact that single Black mothers across America have a median net worth of a mere $5 dollars falls in the shadow of the singularity of her financial success.