Is Black Marriage on the brink of economic collapse? (VIDEO)

Attorney Antonio Moore discusses the intersections between marriage, race, and economics with guest relationship expert Zo Williams. THe two delve into a deep set of questions including the ones listed below.
1) Do we understand black Marriage in context of black wealth?
2) According to “Dream Hoarders” families have to be worth above $675k net and in the top 20% of America to access the American Dream. What does the middle black family being worth $1,700 without depreciating assets and only 5 percent of black homes having more than $350k mean for black stability needed for marriage that creates college bound children and vacations? Does either person expect real 6 figure inheritance to make this all add up? can you uber drive and have these wild goals?

3) What Do Black people look for in mates? women – stability, swag, ambition men – is she nice is she cute

4) What is the value socially of marriage for a man? For a woman?

5) Do we work too much to have full relationships how many of us live to work vs work to live? What does that do to black marriage? Black women first time marriage has 70 percent divorce rate? Is it rising?

6) Do you have enough to be married? discipline – familial wealth – self awareness? Social blindness & Toxic Ambition.