HBO INSECURE & Is Bully Dating the new answer to Black Economic Failure?

Attorney Antonio Moore and guest relationship expert Zo Williams discuss the hard questions around relationship, and the reactions to massive social consequences in black America. The two also discuss the Issa Rae show Insecure looking, and content, language, and the expression of black love represented.

1) Has mass incarceration, wealth inequality and a legacy of slavery come together and converged with economic collapse of young black males to create a form of dating where the exchange is a genderized bullying process? A edged dating with pointed questions. All justified by not having time to waste. Are you a bully dater? How, what, when, where are you taking me I NEED TO KNOW. I don’t have time to waste.

2) Are your first date questions a demand or a open ended request to learn about your mate? If they are open are you ready for all answers, or looking for a reason to dismiss the person?
How old are you? Do you have kids? Did you grow up with both parents? Where did you go to school?

3) How is social blindness having us ask questions that don’t match the reality of our times? economic inequality, extreme levels of incarceration.

4) Do we think we can bully our way to our toxically ambitious goal? If I ask what your goals are in life on he first date it will help me weed out the men who won’t make a million. dollars.

5) How many of our men enjoy being bullyed due to trauma in their pst relationships or growing up with their parents? Are you looking to argue and can’t live in peace.

6) Is the Issa Rae Show Insecure healthy and accurate representation of black love life in America? Thoughts on the premiere.