Does the racial wealth gap explain why intimate relationships aren’t the top priority in Black life?

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Attorney Antonio Moore looks closely at the consequence of the racial wealth gap on marriage, and dating in Black America. Moore asserts that due to lack of wealth the social drivers for mating are often missing leading to a reprioritizing of the mating process among Blacks. He uses key data that shows 1) 72% of black kids are raised by a single parent while it is only 25% nationally, and 2) White Americans receive substantially larger inheritances to prove his point.

Receiving an inheritance helps white families more than black families Economic Policy Institute

Excerpt: The figure below shows median wealth for households with and without an inheritance. White families are twice as likely to receive an inheritance as black families, and that inheritance is nearly three times as much. Even among black families who inherit wealth, the racial wage gap is much larger, compared to white families who inherit wealth. For families with an inheritance, median white wealth is 7.5 times larger than for black families. Comparatively, white families have 5.4 times more wealth than black families without an inheritance. The importance of inheritances to the wealth position of white families is staggering. At the median, an inheritance increases wealth by more than $100,000 for white families and only $4,000 for black families.