Venezuela Supporters to Hold NYC Protest Against U.S. Aggression Next Monday


Last week’s protest against the Trump-Bolton Imperial agenda

A peaceful street protest demonstration in Venezuela last week escalated into an attempted presidential coup. Mr. Juan Guaido, an opposition party neophyte, proclaimed his dictatorial take-over of the government and was immediately recognized by the Trump administration and their allies in Latin America. 
The attempted coup was denounced by many other countries including China and Russia. Venezuela’s defense minister Vladimir Padrino López declared his support for the legitimate government of Nicholas Maduro.
The December 12th Movement has called for a City-Wide Rally against the attempted coup on Monday, February 4, 2019 at 3 PM, at the United States Permanent Mission to the United Nations located on the corner of 45th Street and First Avenue, NYC. For more information call (718) 398-1766.
Venezuela’s President Maduro was democratically elected by the people of Venezuela in May 2018 and Inaugurated on January 20. United States economic sanctions, the manipulation of oil prices, and western funded opposition parties vying for the country’s state controlled vast oil reserves have attempted to destabilized Venezuela for decades. But the majority of the population of working class, Africans and Amerindians have elected the late President Hugo Chavez and his successor President Maduro of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), time and again. President Maduro has ordered all U.S. diplomats expelled, stating “I am the only president of Venezuela.”
Several demonstrations in support of the Venezuelan people and President Maduro took place in New York City throughout the weekend. Last Thursday night several hundred people rallied in front of the Venezuelan Consulate in midtown and marched through the streets to Trump Tower. On Saturday afternoon rallies were held in front of the Cuban Mission and at Union Square Park. 
Many progressive organizations were represented and spoke in solidarity against US imperialist intervention in the affairs of sovereign nations.
At the Cuban Mission, Omowale Clay of the December 12th Movement International Secretariat said, “Why are we here? Because we are all Venezuelan! We understand the importance of Cuba in the world. Because they demonstrated that a small nation with a united people, and a correct political leadership, can beat back the terroristic attacks of a super power. For that we will always be forever grateful for the example of Cuba. The Trump-Bolton aggression plan has targeted Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua”
He added: “We also want you to understand that we’re an African people. We understand our role in the unity and the struggle against imperialism. We understand the fundamental contradiction. But we also understand the right to self-determination and national liberation. In that regard we say, Trump and Bolton’s plan is not just in the western hemisphere, it has also targeted Zimbabwe. The first revolutionary act is to liberate your country. The second is to take back the resources of your country, not only above ground, but under the ground. We’ve got to be on the right side of history. We are proud to be here with you all. Because this is where we should be. It is not just an intellectual question; It is a question of action. U.S. hands off Zimbabwe. US hands off Venezuela!.”
Angela Davis once told us, “If they come for me in the morning, they will come for you in the night.” 

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