U.S. Weapons Used To Oppress and Brutalize Ugandans — Bobi Wine


Bobi Wine –interview on Al Jazeera.

(Excerpts from Al Jazeera interview)

It’s important like I’ve said, especially to the United States taxpayers to know that much of the military aid we get is actually used to oppress and brutalize the citizens of Uganda. I will note that the gun that killed my driver, that could have probably killed me is an American gun.

So the United States and just like all other development partners should be standing with the people of Uganda and not simply the president; simply because our institutions have been, you know, disempowered.

It worries just not we Ugandans but it should be worrying the development partners because dealing with an individual is dangerous. What happens when that individual is not there?

I think it should be a relationship between Uganda and America; not between America and Museveni.

I’m very hopeful for Uganda’s future. I know that regardless of the oppression, I know that no matter how many people are tortured, imprisoned or even killed, I know that freedom will come to Uganda someday.


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