Democrats Should Push Reparations Bill Before Next Congress

opportunity to pass legislation until newly elected officials take their seat on January 3, 2023.
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In late 2021, the Biden agenda was being pushed forcefully through the US Congress. In full control of a closely divided government, the Democrats felt powerful and sought to pass key legislation; namely lifting the Federal debt ceiling, the “Infrastructure Bill,” and the “Build Back Better Bill.”

Then as now, the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) held solid leverage as the median voter in both houses of congress. There was a clear path to passage of key legislation favoring Black America: The Reparations Bill (H.R. 40 and S. 40) and the Voting Rights Bill.

As opposed to holding the Biden agenda and the Democrats’ legislation hostage until the two pieces of “Black legislation” were passed, the CBC bowed to Democratic Party Leadership. Admittedly, an attempt was made to pass the Voting Rights Bill, but no effort was made to pass the Reparations Bill.

The CBC did not serve as Black America’s loyal fiduciary. It did not use the tremendous power that was squarely in its hands to improve Black America’s well-being. Democratic Leadership logrolled with the CBC saying: If we attempt to pass the Reparations Bill now, we will lose the mid-term elections. Help us move the Biden agenda forward so that we can win the mid-term election. After winning the mid-terms, then we will consider the Reparations Bill.

Well, as we and others predicted, the Democrats did not win the mid-term elections.[1] The Congress is split: Republicans control the House and Democrats control the Senate. Now, there is no opportunity to pass the Reparations Bill, and prospects for ever doing so have been pushed far into the future.

Not True! There is an opportunity to pass legislation until newly elected officials take their seat on January 3, 2023. After all, only a $12 million appropriation is required.

Using their last breadth of control, why can’t Democrats mount an effort to pass the Reparations Bill? Of course, as many Reparationists argue, the bill should be improved before passage. However, now is a perfect opportunity for Democrats to show good faith and to do something favorable for Black America. What do Democrats have to lose?

Instead of attempting to force passage of the Reparations Bill, Democrats plan to give Black America Christmas presents in the form of legislation to make interracial marriage legal across the country through a “Respect for Marriage Act,” and to install a Black puppet as House Minority Leader.]

Is that what Black America needs and wants?

Bamboozled again by the Democratic Party, Black American should have new motivation to support a Black Political Party.

Dr. Brooks Robinson is the founder of the Black website:

[1] See page 6 of “A Historical Critique of Black American Leadership.”:

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