President Obama Donates $1.4 Million

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Fulfilling a promise he made when he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize President Barack Obama announced the organizations that will share his $1.4 million cash prize, including AfricaCare.

Top recipient is Fisher's House, which cares for families with relatives at Veterans Administration hospitals, with $250,000. The Bush-Clinton Haiti Fund, get's $200,000.

Six groups that help students with college tuition get $125,000 each. They are: College Summit; the Posse Foundation; the United Negro College Fund; the Hispanic Scholarship Fund; the Appalachian Leadership and Education Foundation; and the American Indian College Fund.

AfriCare gets $100,000 for its HIV/AIDS programs, public health programs, water resource development. $100,000 goes to the Central Asia Institute, which promotes education for girls in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

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