Why Jeremiah Wright Still In The Dog House

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Rev.  Jeremiah Wright

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In an article written for ThyBlackMan.com, Rev. R. Joaquin Willis asked why is Rev. Jeremiah Wright still in the dog house. He asked:

"Why is Rev. Dr. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr. still in the media dog house? When is the media going to stop referring to him as "President Obama’s former pastor?" Is there no fairness in the media? Paul tells us in Ephesians 4:32: "Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as Christ God forgave you."

In response to Rev. Willis' question, I can't speak for anyone else, but I refuse to forgive Rev. Jeremiah Wright because he gave his ego priority over America as a whole, and the Black community in particular. So, from my point of view, during the 2008 election Rev. Wright betrayed a severe flaw in his character. He had absolutely no hesitation in jeopardizing the best interest of the Black community for ten minutes of national fame, and you just can't trust a man who shows those tendencies. The same is true of Tavis Smiley, Cornel West, and Boyce Watkins.

While anyone can make an error in judgment, the good reverend refused to acknowledge his error and continued to run his mouth, thereby, jeopardizing the election of Barack Obama, and even worse, promoting the chances of John McCain and Sarah Palin taking over the reins of this government. That was grossly self-serving and irresponsible.

But many of Wright’s supporters counter with, "But he spoke the truth." Maybe he did, but even the very Bible that he built a career on thumping says something to the effect that there’s a time for all things - and during the midst of a heated campaign where we were trying to elect the nation’s first Black president, was neither the appropriate time, nor the place, to start trying to lecture White folks on how horrible America is. In a word, it was stupid, and if Jeremiah Wright was anything close to as brilliant as some people claim he is, he would have recognized that fact.

Even today Wright doesn’t seem to have gotten the point. In spite of the Biblical pronouncement cited above regarding the virtues of forgiveness, he’s still obviously smarting over forcing Obama to kick him, and his mouth, to the curb. What was Obama supposed to do, forego his quest to become President of the United States in order to remain loyal to a fool who's running around screaming "God Damn, America!"?  Where was his loyalty to Obama's efforts?

No, we've seen this before. They turned on the cameras, and this was Wright's chance to show the world what it REALLY meant to be Black, fearless, and "down for the cause."  But what he actually showed was what it meant to be old, Black, and stupid. So Obama was right to kick him to the curb.

At a recent Chicago Teacher’s Union event to commemorate Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday, Rev. Jeremiah Wright said that while the civil rights leader proclaimed "I have a dream," Obama says..."I have a drone." That was a very witty quip coming from the good reverend, but once again, in spite of his love for the Lord and his alleged "forgiving heart," it was extremely mean-spirited and stupid - and once again, it served to lend comfort to the enemies of the Black community.

President Obama is charged with the responsibility of preventing Al Qaeda, or any other terrorist group, from getting their hands on Pakistan's nuclear weapons - which, by the way, are essentially right around the corner from where they located Osama Bin Laden, living quite openly, and comfortably, with his family. So what would the good reverend have the president do, back-off and pray that the Lord protect us from a nuclear attack?

In addition, drones actually SAVE many lives during a war, because with drones we have the option of waiting until the target's family is away from the targeted area, as opposed to blindly lobbing missiles into a heavily populated location. If you lived next door to a terrorist, would you rather someone randomly start firing missiles in your direction, or would you prefer that they send drones in, where they could target his house specifically, and not yours?

So people like Jeremiah Wright, Tavis Smiley, and Cornel West don’t know what they’re talking about. Just like backwards-thinking people of old, they're simply blindly condemning a new technology that they don't understand. In addition, they're blindly condemning President Obama's decisions without knowing the facts.  They’re not getting CIA Condition Reports on their desks every morning like Obama, so they can't possibly know what information Obama is basing his decisions upon. All they’re doing is ranting about the way things LOOK to them, and that kind of mindless behavior clearly demonstrates that not one of them have Obama’s intelligence, and not one of them are qualified to be President of the United States.

Just try to imagine what it would be like to have Cornel West as President of the United States. We would be the laughingstock of the world, and not one country in the world would take us seriously. Personally, I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night, because the brother just doesn’t have the intellectual heft and sobriety to handle a job that requires that level of seriousness. When I try to imagine West in that position it makes it clear to me just how much of an entertainer and a clown he really is. As I pointed out in one of the many articles I’ve done on him, he’s the Liberace of faux intellectualism.

Rev. Willis, you also said, "Mr. Obama had hardly any grasp of the meaning of being a black person in the United States. By example and exhortation, Reverend Wright cured that deficiency, sending to Washington a President qualified to give America a chance to actually become a democracy!"

That’s also nonsense. Barack Obama probably knows more about what it means to be Black in America than most of us do. Although those of us who were raised in the Black community have undoubtedly experience racism, we had the comfort of living in Black cocoons within the inner cities with one another to lean on for support. But living with a White family from lily-White Kansas, and spending much of his life being the only African American living among others of other races and ethnicities in other parts of the world, chances are, Barack Obama knows more about racism and being an outsider than we’ll ever know.

So Jeremiah Wright couldn’t teach Barack a thing about being Black in America - in fact, neither Jeremiah, Tavis Smiley, nor Cornel West could teach Barack Obama much about anything, because he’s clearly demonstrated that he has, at the very least, 15 IQ points on every one of them.

So we need to get real here. History is going to remember Barack Obama as one of the most brilliant men that this country has EVER produced, and one of our GREATEST Presidents, while Jeremiah, Tavis, and West are garden-variety fat-mouths. Brothers like them come a-dime-dozen, and can be found running their mouths in the parking lots of liquor stores all over the hood.The problem with people like Jeremiah, Tavis, and West is they’re so ego driven that in order to pursue their own agendas they're willing to lend comfort and support to those who would destroy the Black community. So by their very actions, they’ve clearly demonstrated that they don’t love the Black community nearly as much as they love themselves.

So Rev. Willis, that’s why Jeremiah Wright is in my dog house, and he always will be. You have to be careful what you ask for in this world, and Jeremiah Wright wanted national notoriety and fame. Well, he's got it.


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