U.S. Elections 2020: Race Tightens And Outcome for White House Could Depend on Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan

Biden vs Trump

Biden and Trump. Photos: Gage Skidmore/Wikimedia Commons.


As the race for the White House tightened late tonight it was looking as if the outcome will depend on the candidate who wins Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan.


As of 11:30 PM with about half the votes counted Donald Trump had about 1.8 million votes to Joe Biden’s 1.4 million votes. Trump also led in Pennsylvania and in Michigan. Many Democratic strongholds hadn’t yet been counted in Pennsylvania. 


This election cycle it’s been much more challenging to call some races because of the high levels of early voting and the different ways in which some states are counting the vote. In some cases today’s votes tallies are counted first while the totals from early voting—by mail in or by early in-person voting. These totals could change the totals in all the remaining states that have not yet been called including Pennsylvania and Michigan. In Pennsylvania alone, the state has yet to start counting one million absentee ballots, meaning the state may not be called tonight. 


Trump’s flurry of campaign rallies during the last week’s of the election may have pulled more of his voters to the polling stations today.


As of 12:38 AM Joe Biden had won 215 Electoral votes while Trump had 165.


If the race remains close the winner may not be known until Wednesday or Thursday. 

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