U.S. Agents Arrest Dr. Munyakazi, Rwanda Scholar, For Deportation


Dr. Munyakazi, Rwanda Scholar. Photo– hungryoftruth.blogspot.com

At 3:00 pm on September 4, five U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents stormed the Baltimore MD home of Rwandan asylum seeker Dr. Leopold Munyakazi in a surprise raid.

A man that international human rights experts believe to be the victim of a smear campaign by the criminal military regime in Rwanda, Dr. Munyakazi has 100% complied with all immigration reporting and monitoring requirements over the course of his six year struggle to regain his freedom.

On June 5, 2015, after six years of appeals, U.S. Immigration Judge Elizabeth Kessler dismissed the likelihood of torture upon return to Rwanda and denied asylum.  Why was this man who was originally welcomed to the U.S. through the “scholars-at-risk” program, who provided exemplary teaching at a renowned U.S. college, and who followed all U.S. laws and immigration protocols — and showed zero risk of flight after his persecution by Rwanda began — treated with such hostility and taken into custody for deportation at the beginning of a long holiday weekend?

“The problem is that ICE picked him on a Friday afternoon before Labor Day weekend,” said Immigration attorney Ofelia Calderon who has dedicated the past six years of her life to Dr. Munyakazi’s defense, pro bono, because she believes him innocent man who faces certain death upon removal to Rwanda. “So tonight I filed a motion for an Emergency Stay that referred to a document that is 2,736 pages, but no one is looking at that, and no one is going to look at that before Tuesday.  They can put him on a plane and send him at any moment.”

The United States, Britain, Canada, Germany and Israel have been the primary backers of the Rwandan regime, which along with the regime in Uganda offers strategic bases for the AFRICOM and Special Operations Command (SOCOM) deployments in the Great Lakes countries, East Africa and Sudan.

Wanted by the regime of President Paul Kagame on fabricated “genocide” on charges since 2009, Dr. Munyakazi has never deviated from mandated controls on his whereabouts –wearing an ankle GPS tracking device for the past five years– and was amicably compliant with every detail of his immigrations and asylum protocols. 

Dr. Munyakazi’s home in a Baltimore suburb was stormed Friday by some five uniformed agents who arrived in two unmarked SUVs.  Dr. Munyakazi, who had been lounging on his sofa in underclothes watching TV, was handcuffed for removal without any opportunity to dress properly or recover his medications to take with him. Only after pleading with the sole female ICE agent was a distraught Catherine Munyakazi allowed to partially dress her husband in a shirt and shoes.

Dr. Munyakazi was shipped off to Maryland’s Howard County Immigration Center for immediate deportation back to Rwanda for what many Rwanda observers claim will be certain death at the hands of the regime. 

On July 2, 2015, Dr. Munyakazi’s lawyer Ofelia Calderon filed an appeal in the U.S. Court of Appeals, Fourth Circuit and the deadline for her opening brief was scheduled for early September.  Why was ICE so cagey in picking up Dr. Munyakazi at 3:00 pm on a Friday afternoon of a long holiday weekend, knowing full well that any legal petition for a stay of deportation won’t even be seen until offices open on Tuesday morning?

Dr. Leopold Munyakazi was a professor employed at Goucher College in Maryland until 2008, when he was arrested by ICE agents after making a public speech decrying the abuses of the Kagame regime, the falsification of genocide charges and the lies of the official RPF genocide narrative.

For the rest of the story please see Consciousbeingalliance.com

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