United Nations Chief On Killing Of Humanitarian Workers In Gaza: “This Is Unconscionable”

By United Nations

Photos: YouTube Screenshots

The killing of seven humanitarians by an Israeli strike in Gaza on Tuesday – 196 overall since hostilities began last October – is “an inevitable result” of the way the war is being fought, said the UN chief.

António Guterres was addressing a UN General Assembly meeting on the topic of “human security”, which he described as a useful framework that could promote “bold, decisive, collective action” amid growing turbulence worldwide.

Nothing can justify such attacks, “but nothing can justify the collective punishment of the Palestinian people of Gaza”, he said, noting that more than 175 UN staffers have been killed under bombardment in the enclave so far.

‘Unconscionable’ killings

“This is unconscionable, but it is an inevitable result of the way the war is being conducted; it demonstrates yet again the urgent need for an immediate ceasefire, the unconditional release of all hostages and the expansion of humanitarian aid into Gaza” as the Security Council demanded last week, he said, calling for that resolution to be acted on “without delay”. 

The global security challenges continue on many levels, he said, citing the climate emergency and cost of living crises which are combining to reverse sustainable development.

“Deepening divisions and growing inequalities are leaving people with a heightened sense of anxiety and even fear,” the Secretary-General said, noting that six out of seven people report feeling insecure.

He said this was feeding a “global epidemic of mis- and disinformation”, undermining public trust in institutions and adding to the cycle of instability.

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