Uganda: With Massive Kayunga by-election loss, Dictator Museveni Knows It’s Game Over

Gen. Museveni

The Greedy Barbarian? Gen. Museveni. Photo: Facebook. 

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The General Yoweri Museveni regime in Uganda is extremely desperate. 

The signs of this desperation may be seen and felt across everywhere as soldiers patrol the streets of Kampala as if they’re inside a military barracks. Gen. Museveni makes this deployment himself. However, Gen. Museveni still leaves very little to chance.

The December Kayunga District by-election was resoundingly won by National Unity Platform’s (NUP) candidate Harriet Nakwedde, then handed to Museveni’s puppet candidate Andrew Muwonge. The rigging is slowly being exposed to its rotten core. Muwonge—Museveni’s proxy—colluded with the Electoral Commission, which he controlled, to alter results from 130 polling stations across the district.

These polling stations include Lukonda village, Kamusabe Parish in Kayonza Sub-County, Kikalasa Polling Station, Masembe Hope Christian High School, Wampologoma Trading Centre, Kikoota Landing Site, Bukeeka Church of Uganda, Nyondo A Mosque, Kizinga Trading Centre, Rwabyata primary School, Kanjuki Community Nursery School among other polling stations.

Then there were the bribes. Senior members of the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) ruling party, like the Party’s Secretary-General Richard Todwong, Communications Director Emmanuel Dombo, Director for Mobilization Rosemary Sseninde, and their Chairperson Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, allegedly bribed voters at Busana playground and other places with cash ranging from 5,000 shillings to 1.5 million shillings, which is the equivalent of $1.45 and $425 respectively.

However, because the truth must come out even Gen. Museveni had to address it in his end of year address. “The positions for by-elections in the whole country were 827….there was no Uganda but Kayunga. Kayunga, Kayunga, Kayunga!!  Why only cheat in Kayunga? Why not in the few other areas where NUP won? Kayunga, Buganda and the whole of Uganda are, politically, NRM territory,” Gen. Museveni lied. 

Indeed, there were many constituencies up for grabs but Gen. Museveni and the whole of his party didn’t pitch camp in other constituencies. They went to Kayunga and made sure that Bobi Wine did not go there by surrounding his home with troops and preventing him for campaigning for the NUP candidate.  

That’s because the NRM—and Gen. Museveni—lost Buganda a long time ago and Kayunga.

If we are to use the U.S. for analogy—a bellwether state is one whose voting behavior gives larger indicators to a national trend, often in a presidential election—we’d look at Ohio, which has accurately voted for the winning presidential candidate with 93% accuracy since 1900.  

The Museveni junta lost Kayunga overwhelmingly. The rest of Buganda, and Uganda, have abandoned the regime. 

Kayunga’s value is not only strategic, but symbolic. 

On September 10, 2009 Uganda police blocked a delegation representing the Buganda kingdom from visiting Kayunga district. The cultural king of Buganda, also known as the Kabaka, Ronald Mutebi II, was planning the visit for National Youth Day. The Kabaka’s supporters took to the streets to protest the police action, burning debris in the roads, blocking traffic, and throwing rocks. Then things turned very ugly: the army gunned down over 30 people. The whole country was shaken, it seemed at the time that the Museveni junta was about to fall. 

Gen. Museveni could not have a repeat of the same; so he had to have Kayunga at all costs—meaning high stakes blatant rigging. The junta lost Kayunga no matter what the “official” result was. Gen. Museveni now knows the ground is shrinking beneath him. That’s why the regime has taken drastic measures which are sure to rock Uganda to its foundations in the coming months. 

The Uganda police claim there’s a new rebel group, Ugandan Coalition Forces of Change (UCFC), whose aim is to topple the Museveni government violently. Fred Enanga, mouthpiece for the police claimed  21 suspects were recently arrested, in addition to nine already in custody. “The 21 were got from Kiboga, Mityana and Kassanda and on interrogation it was found out they had undergone training in the group’s camps,”  Enanga said. 

This latest false flag operation by the Museveni junta will be used to punish Buganda for Kayunga, and for repudiating the dictator in the Jan. 14, 2021 general elections—a vote the dictator won only in his maniacal mind. 

Cry, Beloved Uganda!

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