Uganda: Why I’m The Best Candidate for Omoro District Chair

Candidate Mugabe Robert shown, front squatting, with the people of Omoro District
[Africa Elections: Op-Ed]
Omoro, a new District carved out of Gulu District, is also one of the poorest. It’s in the northern region of Uganda and came into being on July 1, 2016.
Omoro, like all other districts in Acholi sub-region, is riddled by obscene poverty. According to the Uganda Bureau of Statistics survey in Acholi (Omoro District most affected) sub-region; only 38% of the people in this sub-region use soap, only 13.4% consume sugar, only 10% cover themselves with a blanket, only 6% wear shoes and only 32% have more than one set of clothes.
This situation is not helped by the self-centered, corrupt leaderships that are in charge of the sub-region.
This sad state of affairs in Acholi sub-region and Omoro District must certainly change and that’s why I’m running for District Chairmanship.
Change can only be possible with a leadership that cares about the plight of the people and is committed to addressing it. It requires a leadership that places the needs and concerns of the people at the centre of planning and policy formulation. It requires leadership that abhors graft, profligacy and transactional approach to executing public matters.
I am the only candidate in the race for Omoro District leadership who offers the most credible and workable solutions to these problems. The reasons are many.
First, my hands are crisp clean. I have no blood or graft (not even an allegation) stain on my hands.
Second, I have consistently and relentlessly pursued the leadership ideals that I cherish, in spite of enormous challenges.
Third, my track record as a student leader, party leader and community leader clearly demonstrates my unbridled commitment to public service and ability to perform and produce desirable results.
Fourth, my agenda for Omoro District is clear;
HEALTH: We must prioritize the health of our people in our planning and policy formulation. There is not a single thing that a healthy person cannot do and the reverse is true. As District Chairman, I want to promote preventative approach to healthcare as opposed to curative. We shall promote primary health care and proper (especially rich traditional stew) feeding. Certainly, we shall make sure there are medicines and personnel in hospitals.
EDUCATION: Education is the only way. As a community we must fully embrace education. As District Chairman, no child will be left at home without receiving education of one kind or another. We shall build new schools in areas that lack the same and ensure that teachers are motivated to teach. We shall also make sure that children receive lunch of some kind in school. Last but not least, as a District, we shall provide scholarship to children who excel in Primary 7, Secondary 4 and Secondary 6.
POVERTY: We must fight poverty. The only way we can fight rural poverty is through Cooperative Society. My leadership will re-introduce Cooperative Movement in Omoro District and ensure that farmers form Cooperative Societies so as to get advisory services, good inputs, machinery, storage facilities and good market for their produce.
THE LAND ISSUE: Land is the only resource we have. After nearly two and a half decades of the war between Lord’s Resistance Army and Government of Uganda, the people of Acholi lost nearly everything. Land is the only resource they have left. My leadership will educate the people of Omoro to avoid land sale. We shall empower the people to know how to use their land to earn a living without losing it. We shall do everything to guard against landlessness in Acholi sub-region.
CORRUPTION: Kleptocracy must have no place in the foundation of the leadership of Omoro District. My candidature presents the most credible choice to the electorate of Omoro. We must never allow the foundation of the leadership of Omoro to be made on graft. If this happens, Omoro is gone and gone forever. My leadership will put in place transparent bidding mechanism for all District contracts. Secondly, we shall promote the culture of public scrutiny of all financial transactions in the District. We shall punish corruption cases severely to deter reoccurrence.
CONNECTING: Finally, my leadership will introduce Annual Meetings. In these meetings, members of the public will be invited to audit the performance of the District leadership. In other words, this will be an accountability forum between members of the public and the District leadership. All major stakeholders will be invited in the Annual Meetings.
It goes without saying that without being elected in the office of the District Chairman, these ideas will not be implemented and as thus, our people will continue wallowing in poverty. This election presents a real opportunity for the people of Omoro to reverse this. And I am the most suited candidate to do the job.
I am however, hugely disadvantaged in terms of financial resources to do a successful campaign and thus win the race. Otherwise, I am the most credible candidate, with a clear, well articulated agenda.
I ask supporters out there who care about new, young, and clean leadership to please do kindly support my campaign so that we may salvage Omoro District from the pangs of BAD LEADERSHIP.
Even $10 (U.S.) counts and would go a long way. Thank you for your support in advance. Funds can be sent via WESTERN UNION or MONEYGRAM to: Mr. Mugabe Robert, Gulu, Uganda.  I can also be reached by e-mail message via [email protected] so I can share my ideas on how we can rescue the next generation in Omoro and beyond.

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