Uganda: Muhammad Kirumira, National Hero, Exposes Corruption Of Gen. Museveni Police Force


National hero Kirumira. Screenshot: NTV

[The Struggle Continues]

In Uganda the facade of functioning institutions are collapsing including dictator Yoweri Museveni’s brutal police force led by unindicted criminal Gen. Kale Kayihura. This is the regime propped by $1 billion in U.S. taxpayers’ money even though President Trump in his National Security Strategy in December vowed to cut off aid to brutal governments in Africa.

The police have gone after one of their own — a maverick hero officer who recently denounced corruption on the force and Uganda police’s involvement in criminality including murders. That brave patriot officer is Assistant Superintendent of police Muhammad Kirumira.

After he exposed gangsterism by Uganda’s police to the media in interviews he that defiantly quit the force. His home was raided. The brave man exposing corruption was arrested like a common thug by Gen. Kayihura’s police.

The ugly scenes and brute force by Museveni’s militia gangs during the arrest of Kirumira on February 1, is an indication of worse things to come.

ASP Kirumira was arrested on orders of Dictator Museveni by a combination of operatives from the so-called police flying squad and other regime militias not long after he exposed top police officials of being corrupt and of conniving with criminals who are committing gruesome murders in Uganda on a daily basis. A day before his arrest, ASP Kirumira had been summoned to meet Gen. Museveni, who tried, in vain, to force the police officer to apologize and desist from revealing more truths about the broken regime on the social networks.

As Dictator Museveni becomes more and more isolated and uncertain of his continued stay in State House, consumed by paranoia, he is bound to act like a wounded animal, sowing terror and fear in all corners of Uganda as he strikes out at anyone he mildly suspects of working against his illegal and unconstitutional stay in power. He lost the 2016 election to Dr. Kizza Besigye yet refused to hand over power.

A few weeks ago, General David Sejusa, the Chairman of the Free Uganda liberation platform, warned that Uganda is entering a period of unprecedented political quagmire, lawlessness and widespread insecurity, and a wounded and desperate Yoweri Museveni was minded to accelerating his naked brutality against all those deemed a threat to his survival and his newly launched Life-Presidency project.

Just as he had warned the nation in 2013 about impending murders and massive persecution, when Gen. Museveni realized that an increasing number of Ugandans, including senior government and military leaders, were plotting against the “Muhoozi Project,” Gen. Sejusa is once again alerting the country and the world at large of an impending barbaric onslaught by Museveni on Ugandan citizens, using the most heinous repressive methods, reminiscent of the those that were used to coarse and intimidate Ugandans during the final days of the Idi Amin regime. The Muhoozi Project was Dictator Museveni’s scheme to quickly promote his son Muhoozi Kaenerugaba to General of the army and install him as successor. The uproar that followed the challenge to the scheme by Sejusa scuttled the project.

Free Uganda stands by the brave and fearless Ugandan patriot Muhammad Kirumira, a highly professional police officer, who has distinguished himself as anti-corruption crusader and outspoken campaigner against bad governance in the Police Force.

Free Uganda calls upon other Ugandan police officers and members of the security services, in general, to emulate the example of Kirumira, by standing up and acting to save the Ugandan Motherland from the impending catastrophe caused by Yoweri Museveni’’s selfish plans for Life-Presidency.

The burning question for all Ugandans, at this agonizing hour of darkness, is – shall we just sit and watch as the Ugandan nation rapidly gravitates towards the cliff-edge, or shall we stand up and defend her from total obliteration?

The illegal arrest and intimidation of a highly popular and patriotic police officer, without recourse to any existing constitutional provisions, must be a wakeup call for all those still serving in any of the discredited and oppressive outposts in Museveni’s crumbling regime, that the dictator’s ultimate objective is to use the people and then dump them
along the way to his Life-Presidency agenda.

He wants life-rule strictly for personal and family-centered greed and plunder. In his own words he declared he is “not a servant” of Ugandans. That he only works for himself and his family.

It is time to wake up to the reality of an impending national cataclysm. We must say no to Museveni’’s repressive regime.

The Struggle Continues!

Dr. Vincent Magombe, Secretary
Free Uganda Leadership Committee and
Press Secretary FU


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