Uganda: Gen. Muhoozi Aims To Extend Sins Of His Father Museveni

There is no doubt that Gen. Muhoozi is a product of his father’s weaving

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We were told that a weaving needle resembles what it weaves (Empindu neshwa ekyebaziira—in Ruhororo). They did not lie. Realistically, when you look at Muhoozi Kainerugaba’s voracious esurience to be president, the boastful grandstanding tweets, cruelty, and how he rubbishes the constitutional order and legal guidelines through which one can become a leader of this country, you will see that the young man is weak and a pure simulacrum of those who nurtured him.

There is no doubt that Gen. Muhoozi is a product of his father’s weaving for the last 48-years. Whatever his vices–some of which we have already seen and have already fallen victim of, are a comeuppance of grooming. It is folly to think that Mr. Museveni’s faults will die before him when he has a power esurient son who has already shown the real inherited character of his father and will carry it forward when Museveni paddles far beyond.

His disrespect for the law is undoubtedly evident through his actions of volubly politicking about when he is still a serving officer in the military. We have seen several people who have been harassed by the state on a mere suspicion of eying power or politicking, but here we have a president’s errant boy holding gallivanting rallies and announcing political ambitions and is left untouched because of his privileges—being Museveni’s son. If the state could harass others, before, without any cogent evidence, why not arrest this petulant officer and charge him with treason? I am sure the prosecution shall not find it a herculean task to gather incriminating evidence to support a conviction.

Ugandans must know that if a person is consistently flouting rules and regulations, it is an indication that they feel they are above the law and that they are not bound by the same standards as others and so they can never become servants of the people. The sanity of individuals who vouch and popularize such recalcitrant egoism is questionable. There is no way a sane person can appreciate the criminality of Muhoozi’s conduct. The law is intended to provide equal protection and treatment for all citizens of this country but systemic biases and inequalities which have existed in its application and enforcement mirror a broken country.

Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has been breaking and or manipulating the laws since he came to power, of which he has mentored and encouraged his errant boy to do the same. He did not raise a statesman because no one can give what he does not have. He raised a mini him who will perpetuate state inspired hooliganism when he will no longer be in this world.

The president has, many times, publicly dismissed the importance of following laws and regulations and has made innumerable derogatory comments about law enforcement and the legal system which demonstrated a lack of respect for the rule of law and this is exactly what his son Muhoozi is copying and hopes to paste when he has full control of power.

Some of us have been victims of father and son disregard for the law through their willingness to engage in and tolerate unethical or illegal behavior of kidnaps, torture, enforced disappearances and other human rights abuses that have graced their 37-years of rule.

When you see the president hand-picking and putting incompetent people into sensitive positions of power, giving out hand hoes and other materials to woo voters, the IGG report claiming that thieves hide behind the president, the most thieves sitting in the cabinet and others acting as exhibits in the US courts, just know that corruption has broken the spine of the country because the leader is directly engaging in it and is a beneficiary. It is a clear indication that they have no respect for the law and are willing to abuse their power and influence for their own personal gain in lieu of using the same to develop the country as we saw from the story of Singapore—a country without any resources but in a short time, became a first world country because of visionary leadership of Prof. Lee Kuan Yew.

The impact of the father and son disrespect for the law has been far-reaching and is going to be long-lasting if we do not strategically hamper it. It has led to a breakdown in the rule of law, as well as a loss of trust in the government and its arms and other institutions.

There is barely any doubt that Museveni, for the last 37-years, has been a very bad leader as spotted by their disrespect for the law and hypocrisy. His son’s actions, attitudes, and behavior demonstrate a callous disregard for the rule of law, smells hypocrisy too and if Ugandans are not woken to refuse to be wooed by cosmetic cajolery, the country shall forever be enfolded in unending cataclysm.

I subscribe to the philosophy that the most intelligent men and women in the country must be the only individuals to be trusted with the leadership positions, but not any Dick, Tom and Harry whose only credentials are being apprenticed by the brute and seek to hold power to appease their ‘mother’—not to transform the country.


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