Uganda Election: Bobi Wine Maintains Clear Lead, 74.1% to 23.1%, Over Gen. Museveni

Challenger Bobi Wine in lead


Data from official declaration forms from Uganda’s recently-concluded presidential election shows candidate Bobi Wine leading Gen. Yoweri Museveni the country’s dictator of 35 years 964,338 votes to 301,115, or by 74.1% to 23.1%.

The data come from the vote tallies from 2,986 out of a total of 34,714 polling stations. The declaration forms with the vote totals from polling stations, signed by agents of all the candidates, were photographed by mobile phones and transmitted via Uvote, a proprietary app developed by the National Unity Platform (NUP) party whose candidate is Bobi Wine. He’s a 38-year-old member of Parliament whose given name is Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu. 

Bobi Wine has rejected the figures announced by the Museveni-handpicked Election Commission on Jan. 16, awarding “victory” to the dictator by a margin of 59% to 34%, as a “joke.” The U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for Africa, Tibor Nagy, has called the election “fundamentally flawed.” 

When Uvote first released its first batch of results on Jan. 15, based on a tally of 398 out of the 34,714, Bobi Wine led Gen. Museveni by 74% to 16.2%. The earlier data showed Bobi Wine defeating Gen. Museveni by 75% to 19% in Kampala, and by 79.7% to 8.9% in Gulu. Since the first data batch release by Uvote, Gen. Museveni has picked up about seven points. 

The Internet shutdown by Gen. Museveni on Jan. 12, two days before the vote, disrupted the ability of people to transmit declaration forms to Uvote’s. The shutdown would have also incapacitated the regime’s ability to transmit information, lending credence to the allegations that the figures awarded to candidates, including Gen. Museveni, were simply cooked up numbers. 

Uvote will release updated results as more data are transmitted, following the restoration of Internet connection in Uganda. 

Bobi Wine remains under house arrest with his wife Barbie, in his Kampala home. The home is surrounded by 500 soldiers, with 10 armored vehicles around the compound. No one is allowed to leave or enter the residence and the couple report that they have run out of food. 

A Petition has been launched calling upon the in-coming Biden administration not to recognize the results of the rigged election. The U.S. provides the Museveni regime annually with $1 billion in financial and military assistance. 

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