Uganda: Dictator Museveni’s Corrupt Election Commission Exposed in by-election

Gen. Museveni

Uganda’s vicious dictator of 35 years Gen. Museveni. Photo: Facebook.


[The following article deals with a Local Council election stolen in Uganda this week by dictator Gen. Yoweri Museveni’s regime]


When on January 14th there were over 400 polling stations with 100% voter turnout, when there were dozens of videos showing ballot box stuffing and hundreds of statements and affidavits detailing the fraud, when there were hundreds of fraudulent DoRs (declaration of results) and when you tweeted one of them, you were exposed by international exports, and the Electoral Commission ignored complaints about this, you thought the Electoral Commission couldn’t show to be more corrupted and more evil, you were wrong. 

In the Kayunga by-election of 16 December 2021 the maire (LC5) was to be re-elected after the previous LC5 was found hanging under a tree under suspicious circumstances.

The Museveni government has shown enormous interest in winning back this seat that they lost on 14 January in a landslide victory for National Unity Platform candidate Ffefeka Sserubogo.

The run-up to the elections was marred with incidents.

* Opposition leader Bobi Wine was put under illegal house arrest to prevent him from campaigning in Kayunga. Dictator Museveni did go to Kayunga to campaign.

* NUP candidate Harriet Nakweede was seriously injured on her head while campaigning. 

* 4 opposition MPs, and many other high profile opposition leaders have been detained.

* Opposition leader and Member of Parliament Francis Zaake was seriously beaten up and taken to hospital.

* Polling agents, that are by constitution allowed to monitor the election process were arrested.

* Voters were given 4000 shillings (1 euro) to convince them to vote the government candidate.

* On multiple locations filled boxes with pre-ticked ballots were found even before the opening of polling stations.

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