Uganda: As Global Opposition Escalates Bobi Wine’s Bogus Charges Transferred by Gen. Museveni to Civilian Court


U.S.-backed dictator Gen. Museveni

The general court martial in Uganda buckling to intense domestic demonstrations and global condemnation and protests today dropped the bogus unlawful gun possession charges against Member of Parliament Robert Kyagulanyi, a.k.a., Bobi Wine, who was immediately charged with treason in a civilian court.

The music star turned Member of Parliament now faces treason charges together with four other lawmakers and a former MP. They are all confined in the city of Gulu, in Uganda.

Bobi Wine, the other opposition leaders and at least 30 other supporters were arrested August 13 and have been tortured by the U.S.-backed regime of military dictator Gen. Yoweri Museveni who has been in power for 32 years.

Dictator Museveni unleashed the current crackdown by the Special Forces Command (SFC) which reports to his son, Gen. Muhoozi Kaenerugaba, when he realized his ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) party was about to lose a by-election for a Parliamentary seat in Arua to the opposition candidate Kasiano Wadri, who had been endorsed by Bobi Wine and the other opposition leaders.

In an attempt to disrupt Wadri’s campaign and intimidate his supporters, Gen. Museveni’s SFC operatives shot and killed Yasin Kawuma, driver to Bobi Wine who himself was arrested with the other opposition leaders, including candidate Wadri. All were severely beaten and reportedly tortured.

The owner of the hotel in Arua where Bobi Wine was arrested and beaten with metal bars said there were no weapons in the hotel.

Museveni preposterously claimed the opposition leaders had incited their supporters to throw stones at his motorcade. Nevertheless when elections were held August 15, voters repudiated Museveni by electing Wadri by 38% over Museveni’s candidate Nusuru Teperu who won 27%.

The others arrested and facing treason charges with Bobi Wine and Wadri are: Gerald Karuhanga; Paul Mwiru; and, Francis Zaake, who is hospitalized and is on life-support. Also arrested was former Member of Parliament Michael Mabikke.

A woman who is one of the 30 opposition supporters also arrested and brutalized was bleeding from her private parts when she was brought to be arraigned before a judge, according to Medard Segona and Erias Lukwago, two lawyers for Bobi Wine.

Activists, entertainers and intellectuals –ranging from Angelique Kidjo to Wole Soyinka– from around the world yesterday signed a joint statement condemning the abuse of Bobi Wine and the other leaders and calling for their release.

The EU also condemned the crackdown and the U.S. called on the regime to allow the detainees immediate access to doctors of their choice for treatment.

Separately today, Dr. Kizza Besigye, the opposition leader who many believe won the 2016 presidential election stolen by Gen. Museveni, was arrested.

Editor’s Note: Please support a Petition Campaign demanding the immediate release of Bobi Wine and for sanctions against the Museveni regime.

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