PHOTO- PEEK-A-BOO: Three months into a six month replication of Cus D’Amato’s daily Mike Tyson workout -FROM LEFT- Cus D’Amato’s ghost, New York City true crime author and investigative journalist Toby Rogers and Black Star News youth journalist Nova Z at Cus D’Amato’s Boxing Gym in Catskill, New York. The haunted gym where Mike Tyson and Nova Z first began learning the art of pugilism was where D’Amato made a remarkable prophecy. In 1982 Cus declared that sometime in the future, Tyson(then 15) and a young Canadian fighter, Lenox Lewis(17) – who was briefly training in D’Amato’s gym- would one day face each other in the ring for the heavyweight champion of the world. Twenty years later, on 6/8/02 TYSON VS. LEWIS went on to become the the highest-grossing event in pay-per-view history, generating US$106.9 million from 1.95 million buys in the U.S., until it was surpassed by De La Hoya vs. Mayweather in 2007.


“People come back from the grave.” –  Cus D’Amato, 1985


Who cares about the so-called-judges-“draw.” At 54, Mike Tyson definitively won last Saturday’s “controversial exhibition” match against Roy Jones Jr at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California.  Tyson was unfairly jobbed at ringside by both the judges and commentators during the fight who disparagingly laughed at and mocked both fighters just about the entire fight because they are supposedly “old.” 

Ringside sports commentators Snoop Dogg, Sugar Ray Leonard (who is much older than both Tyson and Jones Jr) and the rest of the sports world spun Mike Tyson’s return to the ring in 2020 as some sort of monstrous “spectacle.” Mike, however, appeared to be the only one who was deadly focused during his remarkable comeback to the athletic world stage inside the eternally sacred ring of the “sport of sports.” 

This racist dynamic within the -white-people-dominated-sports-media and the narratives they have created about Mike Tyson has been floating around or a very long time. The “baddest man on the planet” is also the most misunderstood and demonized sports figure since the first Black heavyweight champion, boxer Jack Johnson was turned into a pariah by the white people media for legally marrying a white woman, for which he was chased out of the United States and later jailed. 

No matter what Mike Tyson does, the white-people-media will forever hate him. Not for biting off Evander Holyfield’s ear off in the ring or even a rape conviction(one of the MOST racist and fraudulent sham convictions in U.S. judicial history). What poisoned Tyson’s relationship with the white people media is something they will never admit publicly, yet we can still decipher from their racist coverage of the former heavyweight champion ever since. 

This correspondent was right there when it all transpired in 2002 and heard the racist newsroom chatter of ignorant, benighted white sports journalists about Mike. Of course you have heard it all too in all the racist Tyson coverage by white reporters over the years. Here’s how it went down.

After some racist-white-asshole-sports-journalist shouted out at the Tyson-Lewis NYC 2002 pre-fight press conference to- “put him (Tyson) in a strait-jacket,” something very unexpected happened. (SEE VIDEO CLIP BELOW)

WATCH: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eIhHZuwIsvs

Tyson bravely stood up for himself by flipping out on the white people press core and for the first time showed the entire world just how weak and pathetic benighted whiteness truly is. 

“Put your mother in a strait-jacket, you punk ass white boy!” Tyson shot back. “Come here and tell me that. You can’t touch me, you’re not man enough. You bitch. Come on you bitch. You scared coward, you’re not man enough to f**k with me. You can’t last two minutes in my world bitch. Look (at how) scared you are now you ho. Scared like a little white pussy. Scared of the real man(and that is the toned down version),” Tyson shot back. Any true New Yorker should damn well know you can’t out New York Brownsville. 

It was the first time anyone ever stood up to the ignorant, racist, aggressive and unforgivably brutal NYC tabloid and white sports press core that schlep from one presser to the next seeking blood and souls to devour on the daily. Iron Mike did not just silence that one racist big-mouth white moron, he slayed the entire white people press core. For once in their privileged white lives, a Black man stood in front of all of them and rendered them silent, powerless and afraid. It was something Malcolm X and the Black Panthers were never able to achieve from a psychological point of view. Despite all of the white people gibberish directed at Tyson, his quite healthy response to an incredibly toxic and racist environment should have been commended not condemned. 

For the first time in their lilly-white-lives, the white people media choked on their own delusional white fear and they could not handle it-even for a few scant moments- that feeling of powerlessness and despair Black people have been forced to endure for over four hundred years in America. White hate- thanks to Mike- was reversed onto the white oppressors for once, however brief. 

 And from that point forward, the white people media have treated Mike as the mastermind of 9/11. Mike Tyson became an omen of all that white people at the time feared about Black America- somebody strong enough to rip their precious false sense of white entitlement in half with just his words.

At that time in 2002 I remember hearing the chatter coming from white journalists about what a problem it would become if other Black people began to talk to white people like that. It was like a link in the chain of Black mental slavery broke and -along with the 9/11 attacks less than a year before-white entitlement was facing a clear and present danger. For many white people, it was an unforgivable act and the white people media have stuck their fangs in Mike ever since. 


The white people who run ESPN sanctioned their Friday Night Fight’s white host and former Mike Tyson trainer Teddy Atlas to degrade his former underage Black fighter anytime the subject of him came up. Atlas got to paint Tyson as a monster and thug whenever he felt like it even though everyone in the sports business knew all about how in 1982 Atlas was justifiably fired by Mike’s father, Cus D’Amato after the Staten Island scumbag pulled a loaded .38 on the 14 y/o  child Tyson and threatened to kill him- even firing the gun off once in Mike’s direction- if he ever “approached” his white female family member again. 

What Atlas did to Mike Tyson in 1982- the physical and physiological torture involved – was a hate crime. It does not matter what Atlas’ delusional- fearful-white-people-gibberish-justification is. 


In fact ESPN’s Teddy Atlas admission of torturing a Black child makes Pete Rose and Cleveland Browns defense end Myles Garrett look like Nobel laureates. Garrett at least, attacked a grown man, who hurled racial slurs at him and faced NO punishment for his rants of hate on a NFL field. Rose may have had a gambling addiction, but he never tortured Black children. Yet while Pete remains the pariah of Major League Baseball, Teddy is still in sports broadcasting on ESPN, a respected member of the white people sports journalist community.  

And for ESPN to enable this white monster to boast and brag about committing a hate crime for over twenty years is not just a complete lack of moral judgment on the most racist sports network in America’s part. Responsibility also falls onto the entire white people media in America that enabled ESPN to be so implicit in their hate-filled and racist coverage of Black athletes. 

Want an example? 

In 2013 -like the guy Dick Cheney shot in the face- an apparently intoxicated TYSON apologized to Atlas for making him torture and traumatize him in his youth. ESPN filed this story online without a shred of self awareness of their total subjectivity to racist whiteness. Like ALL racist white people sports coverage, right in the first sentence ESPN omits that Cus D’Amato is Mike Tyson’s FATHER. A fact most white people sports journalists just coincidentally like to ignore.  According to this ESPN no nothing reporter, Cus is just Mike’s “mentor.” 

Negating and dismissing the fact that Mike Tyson is Cus D’Amato son is a complete and utter distortion of Cus and Mike’s relationship and also I guess I have to mention is racist to the bone. Why else would ESPN in 2013, SEVEN years after Mike’s retirement STILL be demonizing and dehumanizing Tyson if not payback for 2002?  

The ESPN story reads below:

“Atlas had helped train Tyson, along with their common mentor, Cus D’Amato, in upstate New York in the early 1980s. But Atlas and Tyson had a falling out following an incident in which Atlas has said Tyson approached a young girl, who was a relative of Atlas’ wife, in a crude manner.

In his biography, Atlas recalled borrowing a .38 from a friend, tracking down Tyson one night in 1982, telling him to smarten up and firing the gun, deliberately missing.

“Mike has always been looking for an escape, a trap door,” Atlas said of Tyson in 2003. “He always lacked one essential ingredient in [situations of] building character: the ability to confront himself.”

Tyson said Atlas was extremely important to him back then.

“I was wrong,” Tyson admitted Friday.”I have a lot of pain, and I just want to heal it, and that was part of it, right there.”

“He behaved like a man, what can I say,” Atlas recollected to fellow analyst Joe Tessitore. “He came over, extended his hand and asked me if I’d shake it and said, ‘You’re not still mad at me, are you? I wish you wouldn’t be.’ … I give him credit for showing a gentleman’s side.” 


Atlas gives “HIM credit for showing a gentleman’s side?” What about your “gentleman side” Teddy? Or is it because you’re an entitled old white man, threatening to kill and fire a gun off at a black child IS your “gentleman’s side.” ESPN never seemed to care in the least about you traumatizing a young Black kid by firing a gun in his direction and threatening to kill him. Or that afterwards you consistently trashed Mike decades after over and over and over on national television via their racist cable network. 

Then in January of 2018 ESPN (owned by Disney, and, on the eve of their release of Black Panther) fires Black female “SportsCenter” Anchor Jemele Hill for accurately calling racist and overall moron, President Donald Trump a “white supremacist.” 

NEWSFLASH benighted white boys who run ESPN: Donald Trump IS a “white supremacist” and Teddy Atlas has MAJOR  issues. And YOU’RE racist indifference towards Teddy’s behaviour clearly demonstrates ESPN is racist too. Your racist termination of Hill in defense of Trump should give you permanent hate group status at the Southern Poverty Law Center. Dare I mention just how much money ESPN has made off of Black excellence in athletics since ESPN’s inception in 1979? Are you a business or a modern day plantation? 

If ESPN renews Atlas’ contract again after 2020 ends, they are some SERIOUS white tone deaf buffoons. I hope you are reading this Disney and for once in your existence, land on the right side of history. Not like the time way back in 1943 when you produced a children’s cartoon that had a duck goose step. “WHEN THE FUHRER SAYS WE IS THE MASTER RACE. SEIG HEIL! SEIG HEIL! RIGHT IN THE FUHRER’S FACE.” Catchy Walt! And so patriotic! Especially at the end when Donald throws up a Nazi salute in his- “vink-vink”- Uncle Sam pajamas. So clever “Valt.” 

WATCH: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L90smU0SOcQ

But let’s unpack Teddy Atlas’ Black children torture session and ESPN’s Birth-Of- A-Nation-like racial-instincts and impulses just a little more. 

After all Teddy, are you such a”tough guy” for pulling a gun and torturing a Black kid right? I’m sure you did the same thing when disciplining white children in your care all the time.

Right Teddy “not racist” Atlas?

Reality check boomer. Pulling a gun on a Black child in a hate fueled rampage doesn’t make you tough Teddy. It does not make you noble or -despite all your gum slapping on the subject- a person of high character. It makes you- like all white racists- a coward.  You knew even then that if you confronted Mike like a REAL MAN that that 14 y/o child would have dismembered and disemboweled you right on the spot if all you had that night to confront him with was your strength and boxing skills.  

Right Teddy? Isn’t that the real truth? Isn’t that why you needed a loaded gun in the first place? You are a youth boxing coach who does not even have the physical or mental capacity over one young child! That’s why all you ever were was just an amateur fighter until you hurt your little back and Mike went on to become- in his prime(1985 to 1990)- the greatest athlete to ever walk the earth.  

Let me anticipate the predictable white moronic responses I will get in the coming weeks as a guest on all the white-people-sports-talk-radio-chowder-head-media defending you Teddy: “A child? A child? Toby! For Christ sake, we are talking about Mike Tyson here! Come on lets be real! Mike Tyson- even at age 14- was not exactly a child by any stretch, ” they will all say. 

What you really want to say white-sports-radio-dummy-host-and-co-hosts across America, is that Mike Tyson is- as you ALL have painted him for over 20 years- a so-called 1990’s Black male “super-predator.” Now you just don’t have the cajones to say it post George Floyd America right?

But even in your white cowardly silence- you all still think it’s true anyway. Don’t ya?

Just like Teddy and ESPN does.

 Since you are so passionate and outspoken about Mike’s childhood shortfalls in life Teddy – instead of talking smack about him on ESPN – why in the hell didn’t you ever dare say those things directly to Tyson himself? After all, as you said to the ESPN story above Mike lacked “one essential ingredient in [situations of] building character: the ability to confront himself.”

Do you Teddy have that “one essential ingredient” of true “character” to “confront” yourself in 2020 and your past actions towards Mike from 1982 to 2020? Are you willing to finally admit that your primary motivation for torturing a young Black child left in your care with guns and death threats and later years of beratement on ESPN was in fact because of the Blackness of Mike Tyson and the whiteness of Elaine Atlas’ family member? 

Can the racist-white-people-sports-media in 2020 America finally cease and desist demonizing Black athletes and American patriots like Jack Johnson, Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson, Colin Kaepernick and Lebron James and start demonizing the white-hateful-sweat-suit-city-thugs the in sports the business like Jimmy-The-Greek (who is dead and was pulled off the air in the 1980’s) and ESPN’S Teddy Atlas who are still on the air?

 I have an idea Teddy. Since you said on your “The Fight With” podcast over the summer you would do anything for “the cause,” why don’t you invite Mike to your little annual-G-list-Staten-Island-rubber-chicken-charity-dinner and get in the ring with him? That shouldn’t be a problem for a tough guy from Staten Island like you Ted? I mean isn’t Mike just a “street punk?”

You have been saying essentially that on ESPN’s Friday Night Fights for years. Since you are so intelligent and of noble character- YOU get to judge Mike’s character any given Friday night. Just think of all the charity money you could raise selling tickets to see YOUR character on full naked display in the ring with the “baddest man on the planet.” 

I think we all would agree that Mike Tyson’s father, Cus D’Amato would consider that to be- after all that has transpired- the honorable thing to do, wouldn’t you Teddy? Not just for you torturing Cus’ SON behind his back, but to atone for all the boomer-entitled abuse you hurled at your producer Doug Loughrey and another crew member in early 2008, yet somehow STILL provide boxing analysis under contract for ESPN.

 It couldn’t be ESPN retained you all this time because you’re white? After all, isn’t ESPN “not racist?” That’s why in all their endless interviews on ESPN retelling that grand and heroc day you pulled a gun on a underage Black child. Almost fourty years later, you STILL justify your deranged actions in white-delusional-racist terms like you just recently did in 2019.

 In 2019, Teddy, you claimed to have committed a hate crime in 1982 because Mike, as a young Black child was “evil” for wanting “to get back at me” and “doing that street thing, showing who’s got the power” and other white-scumbag-Staten-Island-pizza-shop-shithead-dribble that you made up as you went along. How come not one ESPN reporter has ever asked you-  did race factor into your hateful and sickening behavior towards Mike? 

I can answer that one for you Teddy. 

Because at ESPN- being ignorant racist morons themselves- THEY think it’s your lowlife Staten Island white delusional violence directed at Black children is actually justified. You can see it on the affirming head nods from 2019 this white-pink-tie-wearing-doofus, whoever he is. The video clip below should really be called: TWO WHITE SPORTS JOURNALISTS JUSTIFY HATE CRIMES TOWARDS BLACK CHILDREN: 


However Teddy, if you’re still too chickenshit to fight Mike Tyson and you have a problem with a fellow sports correspondent treating you the way you have treated Mike for over twenty years, I am willing to debate your Staten Island big mouth about Cus D’Amato’s deep belief in character and honor and your apparent lack of it any day any time anywhere. 

I know a show. How about we both go on First Take with long-time sports reporters Max Kellerman and Stephen A. Smith and moderator Molly Qerim (wife of former NBA player and fellow ESPN host Jalen Rose). I’m sure they would love to sit down with you and I and discuss this matter one more time before you are finally shown the door at ESPN at the end of this month.

You have bragged and boasted about what you did to Mike for decades, one more time between now and right before your contract ends shouldn’t be a problem. After all- according to you, Teddy- you did nothing wrong, so the worst that could happen to you and your white sensibilities is you fall on your sword, like any true sports legend.  

Most white-benighted-sweatsuit-wearing-hair-plugged-denture-wearing-kitsch-cocktail-pinky-ring-gold-medallion-turtle-neck-Staten-Island-meat-head-cranks usually clam up fast once confronted by someone who is not afraid of them. But not you Teddy, you’re brave and masculine-like you were with Mike in 1982 with a loaded .38.

Like Clint Eastwood in Dirty Harry, heroes have nothing to lose. Is that why you will never agree to debate me on air Teddy? You know deep down what you did to Mike at 14 was far from heroic.

Because we both know- as everyone else in the media industry does- white bullies like you only pick on those who can’t fight back. Just like your producer and defenseless crew member and all the hate and bile you have thrown at Mike from a safe and cowardly distance on ESPN television every Friday night.

SI trash like you never own up to their serious character flaws. You are now 64, not 24 like you were in 1982, yet in over 40 years of reflection you STILL ignorantly and dishonorably boast, dramatize and defend yourself in interviews as reporters still nod in agreement to whatever you say to their softball questions. ‘

In 2012, on ESPN2, you said holding a gun to a Black child’s head was “not important.” What is really most important was what “led up to that” moment when you as a sports coach flipped out on a Black child like an Rikers Island ex-con pretending or acting out his Dirty-Harry-white-delusional-vigilante-fantasies. 

Again you imply Mike deserved this as a child because he only “understood the streets.” Then the two of you ESPN bozos start laughing when the subject of how close you were to “pulling that trigger” comes up. It’s hilarious to you, is it not Teddy? 

Despite being just about the dumbest,racist, tone-deaf interview in the history of sports television, I encourage you to look closely at your stupid scared face and listen carefully to just how brain damaged you sound mumbling “I put the gun in his ear, but he (Mike) didn’t seam like he understood at that moment, so I put it out of his ear and I pulled the trigger missing him on purpose. And he understood it after that,” in one breath and explaining the nobility of your father serving “the poor people” as a physician with $5 house calls and free medicine in another breath.

 I’m no body language expert, but your eyes and face are shifting around quite a lot for someone who is claiming to be getting down to the “gritty stuff.” The things you claim to have said to Mike with a loaded gun to his head couldn’t have been what you really said verbatim is it?  

Did you use the N-word Teddy? When somebody with a slash down the side of their face and who spent time at Rikers is putting a gun to a Black child’s ear threatening to kill him, would he say or do anything racist while they are committing a hate crime? What do you think Teddy?

I am willing to bet you just might have some knowledge on this subject matter. Maybe you could go on ESPN in the same dopey looking white and blue 2012 sweatsuit in 2020 and laugh about it all over again like you did with some weekend birthday clown out of make up like you did in the link below on ESPN2 in 2012:

Teddy Atlas held a gun to Mike Tyson’s head: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zXpNxe4KfFs

And that’s white people in a nutshell. Whether they are “not racist” like ESPN’s Teddy Atlas or they are a white nationalist like David Duke and Donald Trump. w

White people of this ilk are nothing but cowards. 

Is this the message ESPN and Disney want to convey in 2021 to its audience?  That it is OK for white people like Teddy Atlas to shoot guns and threaten to kill Black children in their care. Let’s renew that old white hate crime guy’s contract this month instead of a minority again?

After all that the United States has been through the last four years with Trump, is there anything that could renew America’s spirit more right before the holidays like ESPN’s white people’s cowardice reaffirming hate and rubber stamping benighted, delusional whiteness? Seriously ESPN. Resigning Teddy Atlas in 2020 is spitting in the face of Black America AND the entire great awakening currently sweeping across America post-George Floyd that you gave a lot of lip service to this year in PR adds wedged between sporting events. 

There are probably some old ignorant boomer white executives at ESPN who would like to pretend they are still- as the 1943 Disney song ABOVE goes- the “master race.” There are still MANY white people who ignorantly think in these terms. Ironically who should know better than a sports executive that whenever white people are in direct competition with Black people on an equal playing field, whether it’s in sports, management, finance-and just about any other discipline you can think of- white people useally gets their ass kicked every time. 

That’s why white supremacists all need guns and continue to bring them to counter-protest unarmed Black Lives Matter marches. It is not because they are strong, it is because they are physically and mentally weak. That is why Teddy Atlas brought a loaded .38 to confront an unarmed Black child- stupidity, weakness and most of all delusional white fear.  

And that’s why the white people media have demonized Mike since 2002 yet all-American-white-boy Tom Brady gets a slap on the wrist for cheating to win Super Bowl rings and white MMA fighter Conor McGregor gets a huge pass after jumping in a cage to attack a referee and knock over a fighter on his knees with a concussion at a fight he was just observing in the stands as a fan! 

WATCH: McGregor attacks referee: http://www.bellator.com/video-clips/be4xzt/bellator-187-conor-mcgregor-makes-an-appearance-in-the-cage-at-bellator-187

Since 2002, it has been Mike Tyson against the American white people media world. However, no matter how much white people try to draw blood on Mike, the stronger he appears to get. After fifteen years of racist white people media abuse since his retirement, Mike Tyson is mentally and physically stronger in 2020 then when he retired in 2005. 

Kind of like Black Star’s youth journalist Nova Z who was racially targeted by the ignorant white Karen principal Jenifer L. Masten and the racist creepy priest Brian McGrath for years at the most racist school in America, St. Mary’s School in Lee, Massachusetts. A story that has been ignorantly ignored by the backwards-toothless-bumpkin-white-people-media like the Berkshire “Beagle” and the Albany “White Times” Union. 

Even after Masten and McGrath received several scathing smackdowns from The National Association of Colored People(NAACP), the provincial superior of the powerful international Order of Marian Fathers and the National Shrine of Divine Mercy, Father Kazimierz Chwalek M.I.C and the Lee Town Library, the Beagle and the WTU still enabled the most racist school in America’s bigotry and hate with a shameless old school racist white people tactic from the Jim Crow south known as the violence of media silence.
Is it just you are bitter that a 10 y/o kid scooped you on somthing you could have broke yourselves with one phone call to a library- a fraudulent racist blurb Masten falsey atrriubted to local librarian Rosemarie Brody wasposted on the SMS website’s front page which was removed after an enraged Mrs, Brody told The Black Star News that Masten’s actions were “disturbing” Joseph Goebbles like Nazi propaganda. Dont worry Principal Masten, the racist hate that you posted originally on stmaryslee.org can be easily retreeved at the Wayback Machine on archive.org/web/. All you have to do is put stmaryslee.org into the Wayback Machine’s search engine and click the folders dated before the scandal broke on 9/11/20.


Be honest boomer-reporters at the Beagle and WTU- how many of you ever heard the WBM? A search engine that a 10 y/o youth journalist uses to brake a story that forced a patholocical racist school principal to remove her hate and lies from the school website all right under your lazy, blumbling, behind-the-times-boomer noses.

However, antiquated-boomer-Beagle-and WTU- unlike in your era- we have something now called the Internet. It’s where most people under fifty go to get today’s news for free that you sucker the elderly to pay for the next day when it’s yesterday’s news and printed in your phony boring (and I mean BORING) stank old tree-killing newspapers.

Don’t get us wrong, we at Black Star have no problem scooping the Beagle and the WTU in their own backyard month after month after month regarding the most racist in school in America. It’s only the most controversial news story in the capitol region this entire year, that’s all. 

It’s just when you both make it so damn easy… we are starting to feel like Lebron James winning a championship trophy for one on two at a geriatric convention. When you throw in the fact that we have countless more online readers in North American and internationally than both you combined, it doesn’t just make you look journalistically inept, but irrelevant as well.  


Allow me if  I may offer you and your white-mashed-potato-head-boomer-inertia-filled-newsrooms the perfect metaphor to crystallize just how exactly irrelevant you actually are. 

In the town of Lee sits a shuttered Price Chopper that has been closed down since 2017. Outside of this falling apart supermarket’s crumbling awning sits a very old and lonely metal Berkshire Beagle vending box. 

Every morning before sunrise somebody stops by and puts in a new stack of newspapers that nobody is going to ever buy. It reminds me of the North Korean traffic ladies that frantically act like they are actually still directing traffic even though there isn’t a car in sight. I can’t tell- are you are trying to fool your advertisers by inflating your vending box numbers or are you just trying to fool yourselves that you still have a respected voice in the Berkshire community?

Either way you cut it- y’all look clowish. However, here is an clever and pratical idea for you to consider regarding your obsolete buisness model. Plus it would make such a cute feature for your cratering racist shit-rag!


Meanwhile the slowly decaying fluffy white people delusion you publish everyday will all come crashing down on your heads of course after Berkshire Black Lives Matter president Ray Moore assembles and unleashes his large Woke army ( composed of 17 separate BLM chapters and an ever growing regiment of anti-racist activists from college campuses all over the East Coast) into the heart of Rockwell country just in time for a very important holiday white people just love to celebrate every year, even during a lethal raging global pandemic. 

The town of Lee, Massachusetts, the Beagle and the most racist Catholic diocese in America (Springfield, Massachusetts) as well their infamous School of Hate have no idea what the #NFAC is about to go down very, very soon. We look forward to seeing the old white “newshounds”  at the Beagle try and explain to their readers why they are literally months behind the most important civil rights flashpoint in their own backyard in a generation. 

WHAT IS NFAC? A white people’s guide: WATCH: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=63r8ESlcHNA


Nova Z & Mike Tyson have something else in common. They both spent part of the childhood in both Brooklyn & Catskill, New York and they both trained in Cus D’Amato’s Catskill gym. Although Mike Tyson was trained by Cus and Kevin Rooney, Nova and yours truly were trained by Cus’ ghost and Kevin Rooney. 

Since the legendary boxing coach died in 1985, his old chair by the ring sits permanently empty never to be sat in by anyone. It even gets more Twilight Zone than that. We were told that trainer Nadia Hujtyn, the only female Cus ever allowed to train in his gym, would “channel” his ghost on occasion when Cus deemed it necessary to take physical form again. Kevin later told me he felt Cus’ presence in Nadia when I first spoke to her. 

“Are you from Catskill?” Nadia asked me. 

“No. We just moved here,” I replied.

“Why in God’s name would you do that?” Nadia (or Cus) bellowed back. 

Another boxer at the gym later to to reassure me. 

“Cus just wanted to know who you were, that’s all,” he said.

Not that I believe in ghosts, but when Nadia would correct her fighters when they messed up, her voice and face would transform into….lets just say the more you learn about the intensely deep philosophy Cus taught about fighting and life to his fighters and legally adopted son Mike Tyson, the stranger things will get. 

Watching Mike fight last night at age 54 after fifteen years in retirement, eagerly cutting the movements of Roy Jones Jr. off in the ring was surreal as watching Nadia transform into Cus while talking to a fighter. Or watching a film of a 62 y/o Cus catch Muhammad Ali in his prime in under 60 seconds and pointing out to the “Greatest” a major flaw in his offensive style and posture. 

Last Saterday’s fight may have been more backyard brawl then a professional fight. But there were moments in the mid rounds where the old lessons that Cus taught him as a youth rose out of Mike like a rebirthing phoenix.   

Although Nova’s training was brief, she learned the body movements of Cus’s peek-a-boo boxing style and how to throw a jab and right hand lead (before she could walk) on the very same mattresses DAmato designed himsel a number combination system Mike also trained on as a child. The number combination system would allow Cus to yell out pacific punching combinations in a secret numerical code when Mike was in the ring (SEE back of photo above).

Ironically, Nova does not remember ever entering Cus’ boxing gym in the old haunted Catskill mountain village. Yet ever since, her overall athletic speed, coordination and strength- not to mention of her brutal right hand lead- could only have been mystically  transferred to her by Cus after passing through his highly esoteric and otherworldly gym where the ghost of Cus D’Amato apparently  still “trains” young and upcoming fighters to this day.  

It is completely understandable that readers would not believe any of this. I did not either at first. Yet here we are in 2020 and Mike Tyson at age 54 is the most interesting and talked about event in the sport of boxing if not all sports. That is just one small piece to the mind bending aspects of Cus D’Amato’s Professor X like mental powers and the entrancing cosmology of the most powerful mind in the history of boxing and his son, Michael Gerard Tyson, the greatest athlete to ever walk the earth.  

Even if the white people’s sports press never forgives Mike Tyson for shattering the mirage of their entitled whiteness on the world stage in 2002, just know Mike- that this reporter as well as millions of boxing fans around the world will always have your back till the end of days.

Which just might be anytime between now and January 20, 2021. 

FULL DISCLOSURE: New York City true crime author and investigative journalist Toby Rogers is the father of Black Star News youth journalist Nova Z.

BREAKING: As this story went to print, Not F***ing Around Collation (NFAC) Supreme Commander Grandmaster Jay was arrested for allegedly pointing his AR-15 at federal police officers in September and is currently being held in frdreal prison. NFAC and it’s dynamic leader made global headlines earlier this year when they forced both the Klu Klux Klan and Georgia police officers to cut and run at the sight of what is now the largest Black militia in the United States. The Black Star News will be following up on this important and developing news story.  

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