Tucker Carlson: The “Voice Of Angry White America”

Fox News host Tucker Carlson's ideology of "white grievance"

Photo: YouTube

On Wednesday, The Washington Post published a lengthy profile of Fox News host Tucker Carlson’s ideology of “white grievance” — and how he was instrumental in setting off the nationwide panic against “critical race theory” being taught in schools.

Carlson has become one of the most powerful voices in right-wing media following the death of Rush Limbaugh, and, according to The Washington Post’s Michael Kranish, he is now “the preeminent voice of angry White America.”

“If you grew up in America, suddenly nothing looks the same,” Carlson wrote in his book. “Your neighbors are different. So is the landscape and the customs and very often the languages you hear on the street. You may not recognize your hometown. Human beings aren’t wired for that. They can’t digest change at this pace.”

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