Trump’s Refusal to Sign COVID Bill Delays Food Aid For Millions

Donald Trump's rejection of the just passed COVID relief bill threatens to worsen the hunger crisis.

Photo: YouTube\Hunger Free America

Donald Trump’s rejection of the just passed COVID relief bill threatens to worsen the hunger crisis as food banks and food aid organizations face unprecedented demand for food assistance.

After ignoring bi-partisan negotiations over a recovery bill for seven months, and after the bill passed both houses of Congress, President Trump has refused to signing the recovery bill, claiming he is doing so because he wants the bill to include cash payments to Americans of $2,000, rather than the $600 payments included in the bill.

Trump’s most recent position supports the long-term proposal of Democrats in the House and Senate; this higher relief level has been blocked by Congressional Republicans.

In response, Joel Berg, CEO of Hunger Free America, a nationwide advocacy and direct service nonprofit organization, issued the following statement:

“Every additional day that the food aid in the recovery bill is delayed is a day that tens of millions of hungry U.S. children, seniors, working people, veterans, and unemployed people — and food businesses that rely on federal food dollars — will needlessly suffer even more.

“In addition, if the federal government shuts down because of Trump’s tantrum and flip-flop, that would be particularly disastrous for hungry Americans. As just one example, Hunger Free America would be forced to shut down the National Hunger Hotline, which we run on behalf of USDA. However, a $2,000 check for many Americans would indeed reduce hunger.

“Thus, President Trump should immediately sign the existing bill – getting food aid immediately out the door and keeping the federal government running. Then he should push Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnel to allow a Senate vote on the $2,000 checks, a proposal already supported by Senator Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.”

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