Trumpism: The Hate That Hate Begat, Or Chickens Coming Home To Roost


Donald Trump — making the world a more dangerous place with words

[Global Perspective]

The colonial climate that followed the Berlin Conference of 1884-85 when Africa was partitioned on paper, set the stage for an active land grab campaigns unleashing a thunderous military strategy to remove all forms of African resistance. This contributed to the highest stage of imperialism and resulted in Africa not being conquered and made prostate. It also contributed to World War I and promoted classic fascism in Italy.

In 1936, Haile Selassie, Emperor of Ethiopia, appeared before and appealed to the League of Nations denouncing Italian aggression and insisting that the world body condemn such imperialist adventurism when Italy invaded his country.

In summing up his address, the Emperor prophetically reminded, “Today for me, tomorrow for You.”

As such, in three years, World War II broke out engulfing the world in the most cataclysmic devastation that threatened the very survival of nations and people. In present circumspect reflection, we must be careful not to allow history to be repeated as elements posture on the brink of such devastatingly threatening developments.
For nearly eight years Republicans from the highest leadership to rank and file have allowed, engaged in, and meticulously callously pilloried President Obama, staining the Republican “brand” and in the process the United States Presidency, the same office GOP contenders  aspire to today.

The character assassination has been relentless: from “nigger in the White House,” to allegedly being “unpatriotic,” being a “socialist,” who was anti-capital, being a closet Muslim, “poisoning the Well”, being a Kenyan, “palling around with terrorist,” lacking in “testicular fortitude,”  and presiding over a “gangsta” administration.

A national child-like but poisonous charade, the Birther Movement launched. The insidious and dangerous vindictive Republican underbelly was exposed for all to see.  There was unbridled oral diarrhea on the part of Republicans such as Donald Trump, Michele Bachmann, Rick Santorum, Senator Charles Grassley, Rep. Joe Wilson who infamously interrupted Obama’s State of the Union speech with a “you lie” shout, and Senator Jim DeMint who was sure Republicans would turn the fight over the Affordable Care Act into Obama’s Waterloo.

All these hateful attacks going beyond the realm of mere political differences paved the way to the kind of comments we hear today with GOP candidate Ben Carson claiming “Obamacare is worse than Slavery” and that Syrian refugees were like “rabid dogs.”
The New York Daily News has labeled Donald Trump a “clown” perhaps because  of his Birther charade; one local paper recently labeled him “chump;” much of this due to his newly-minted  insulting callousness characterizing Mexicans as rapists, criminals and drug dealers. He said he would “build a wall;” he mockingly attacked Carly Fiorina’s face; he claimed “Iowans are stupid” for leaning to vote for Ben Carson, when Carson briefly led in the polls.  His newest “Lulu” of “excluding Muslims” seems rescued fresh from the dark strain of American conscience.

Yet, many of the 30% Republican voters who support him see him as worth an applause, worth a  standing ovation, and give unquestioned support much of which Alan Dershowitz explained as being “inconsistent with the character of this country.”

As the verbal mayhem unfolds the world must watch and wonder; isn’t the ugly American abroad or is he now at home?
That designation and the active anti-Obama vituperative accusations with resultant threats to the President and his family, earned Republicans the designation “Party of No” particularly because they blocked every legislative initiative President Obama proposed.

The GOP vociferously and vituperatively attacked his Affordable Care Act law; they eviscerated his Jobs Bill; they challenged the Asian Trade Deal he crafted;  they block his immigration initiative; and, they criticized his Cuban embargo breakout with establishment of mutual embassies.

They claim he’s “soft on terror” and say he’s pursuing a failed policy on Iraq and Syria. In fact, as a thinker, President Obama has applied an analytically meticulous mindset in a new age of modern warfare and is not falling into an Isis or Al Qaeda trap. He is seeking to garner an active and effective Middle Eastern Coalition as he pounds ISIS encampments while proclaiming no significant boots on the ground.

Keen observers notice how statesmanlike President Obama appeared to be at the recent Global Climate Change conference in Paris. Espousing that presidential demeanor without question, observers believe none of the 16 Republican contenders would probably have been perceived as resolute American ambassadors as President Obama appeared.
Nonetheless, recent developments point to, some believe, one frightening specter Donald Trump represents to the Republican Party and the facetious representative of the American brand particularly as a potential Commander-in-Chief. This is not only unsettling but can be more dangerous than America’s most virulent enemies hope to be.

Because over the last several years Americans did not turn off the Trump spigot, his bigotry is now full blown. He needs to stop spewing such pathological and deep-seated polluted beliefs for such bigotry goes against and will pose a serious problem for the American brand going forward.
Trump’s most vocal supporters need to take note: Fareed Zakaria spoke of the “rise of the rest”;  President Obama recognized America’s approach to the world and that its challenges cannot be met by using Roosevelt’s “big stick” approached but more of a “smart heart”; President Clinton’s dictum was “America’s greatness lies in its moral not military might.”

The Republicans’ fools rush in where wise men fail to tread strategy is more appropriate to the horse and buggy era rather than today’s analectic post jet-age speed age.

Republicans may disagree with President Obama’s incremental progression in economic and financial policy; the reality is job growth increased tremendously, housing starts have increased, the auto industry is booming, research and development in education and science is very encouraging, and unemployment declined towards the 5 percent historic lows.

On Wall Street the Dow Jones industrial average is beginning to bang the door at 18,000, up from the 6,500 when Obama’s first term began.

Even Trump and his supporters and associates are laughing all the way to the bank from this financial windfall.

College enrollment is up and also Affordable Care Act registration has topped the 16 million mark. In his studied and sure-footed approach, Mr. Obama has achieved a great deal despite Republican obstructionism and he has masterfully represented the nation in presenting a climate change proposal that became part of the historic deal in Paris.

Real-politik dictates: the Iran Deal is in full-swing and the strange bedfellows of Mullahs,  Bashar Assad, Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin must lay in bed with Francoise Hollande, Angela Merkel and David Cameron to effectively bring Middle Eastern states into coalition to defeat Isis.

Taking the long view in a more sophisticated military strategy, in his policies Mr. Obama has remained actively and intelligently involved and must get credit for reducing American military casualties.
However, as the “Pied Piper” keeps thundering towards the cliffs of oblivion carrying his loyal supporters into that chasm, we wonder where are the Republican men of substance demonstrating “testicular fortitude” will stand and condemn this dangerous foray into extremely vile and divisive rhetoric.

As the old adage holds “when the enemy begins to self-destruct, stay quiet,” so President Obama remains mum.  Some Republicans now realize the danger, including even Dick Chaney. Others sounding warning of what Trump and his like have unleashed include:  Speaker Paul Ryan; Jeb Bush; Nikki Haley; and even Presidential historian Douglas Brinkley.

As a result of Donald Trump’s insensitivities many project a possible Clinton occupancy of the White House again.

At the same time, America’s enemies have been handed tremendous  propaganda ammunition and after he is “fired” apprentice Trump will have to explain his anti-Muslim statements to Middle Eastern Arabs and Muslim partners and business associates.
A CNN anchor recently hosted a focus group and a two-term New Hampshire representative, a trump supporter, went on ad nausea that President Obama is a “liar” and “when he spoke last Sunday he was lying to the nation.” Turns out this woman was an active “Birther” advocate allied with Donald Trump’s fool’s errand.
Now, like a spoiled child, Donald Trump is threatening to run as an independent candidate.

Trump’s action will make the next president’s job more difficult;  Mr. Trump himself will go on to make more money in his business ventures.
Thanks to Mr. Trump the voters may throw out the Republican bums at the next election. Say what anyone will, President Obama’s legacy as per Paul Krugman’s “greatest president ever” assessment may further materialize because there is still much more to come.

Obama continues to build up accomplishments despite the actions of the GOP a.k.a. the “Party of No.”

Have we learned any lessons from the hate that allowed Trump to thrive?

Recall once more Selassie’s words as unchallenged hate hovered over Ethiopia: “Today for me, tomorrow for You.”

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