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Dr. Joyce Watford, an Educator and a Descendant of America’s Slaves

October 8, 2016

TRUMP IS A REPRESENTATIVE OF STATE (SYSTEMIC) VIOLENCE, UNLEASHED ONTO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.  He embodies the complete gamut of every type of state violence (systemic) we all struggle against: race and class; ethnicity and nationality; sexuality and ability; economic genocide and police homicide; freedom and oppression; freedom and anarchy; democracy and oligarchy; white supremacy and equality; terrorism and immigration; migration and marginalization; imperialism and occupation; ethnic-cleansing, militarization, and colonialism; hetereopatriarchy and patriarchy; hetereonativity and homonativity; homophobia, xenophobia, activism and passivism; progress and regress; capitalism and secularism; religion and terrorism; haves and have-nots; etc., etc., ad nauseam.   

Given the state of world affairs and the dangers that threaten all of us, what the US and the entire world need in the next President of the Free World, more than ever before, is a real agent of change—one who is capable of imagining a new nation and a new  world that we have not seen before (but which we know is inevitable); a POTUSA who is innovative, creative, and courageous, who can envision a future for the betterment  of all life on the planet—well beyond present and  past worlds we have known.  

Donald Trump has nothing new to bring us; and Hillary may not either, but she appears to be flexible and malleable and seems to understand the magnitude of responsibility the job of POTUSA carries with it, which will far outlive her and will determine the life and the world she will shape and leave behind for her recently born grandchildren, as well as for the children who have not even been born yet. 

Everyday that the next POTUSA faces in the White House must begin with thoughts, insights, and images of the new world in the throes of being built for posterity which will keep not only her heirs safe and free but all the heirs who will inherit the world she has an opportunity to shape so that they all may live safe and free of the wars and struggles that generations of previous centuries failed to resolve.

Donald Trump has shown that he is not up to the task.  Therefore, in his favor, not one vote should be cast! 

Think about what your vote will mean when you cast it in the November 2016 election,which will long outlive you and possibly turn the tide of historical evil legacies into goodness for all humankind and other life forms on the planet.

(C) 2016

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