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Why should we expect these untrustworthy Republicans would care about Trump’s attempts to steal the 2020 Election—when it also benefits them?
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The Republican Party has been revealed to be a party of shameless lying frauds.

Donald Trump has fully exposed them as such to us.

What happened to this supposed party of the “rule of law?” What happened to all the grandiose Republican rhetoric about “country before party?”

The Republicans’ mendacious methods of duplicity have been laid bare because of Trump. Their selfish immoral behavior was never more evident than at this very minute. Trump’s presidency is the logical conclusion of this two-faced Republican Party.

Republicans who often pretend to be the principled voices of integrity and reason are protecting the most corrupt criminal president of our time. Trump is effectively operating above the law—and Republicans are aiding-and-abetting his lawlessness.

Emboldened by his recent acquittal in the sham impeachment “trial,” in the Republican-controlled U.S. Senate, Trump’s excesses are getting worse. This week, he further undermined any concept of impartial justice by strong-arming the William Barr Justice Department away from delivering a stiff prison sentence to his criminal buddy Roger Stone, a self-described “dirty trickster.” This led to the unprecedented actions of Justice Department lawyers quitting from the case, with one even resigning from his job.

This subversion of the “rule of law” by Trump, and the Barr Justice Department, was met with muted complicit silence by Republicans.

Trump’s interference in Stone’s sentencing has similarities to his attempt to get Ukraine to interfere in the upcoming 2020 Election. Trump is using his influence with Attorney General Barr to lessen Stone’s sentence. In the Ukraine affair, he tried to use his influence as the American president to bribe and extort Ukraine into announcing a criminal investigation into the Bidens, assuming former Vice-President Joe Biden would be the Democratic Party presidential nominee.

Trump has manipulated the scales of justice for his friend—and to free himself from being held accountable in the impeachment “trial.” What should we expect next? Political prosecutions of Trump’s enemies using the instrument of Barr’s Justice Department?

After Trump’s acquittal by the cultish Republican Party faithful, Maine Senator Susan Collins said she believed Trump learned a “lesson” and that he will be “much more cautious in the future.” She later said her sentiment was more “aspirational on my part, it’s more that I hope that he’s listened to the many voices in the Senate who have pointed out that the call was very problematic.”

The lesson Trump learned is: Republicans are so afraid of being primaried they will not hold a principled position for the good of the country and denounce his lawlessness and lies. Republicans are surely mindful of his braggadocios psychopathic comment that he could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and not lose Republican voters.

Within days of Collins’ wishful thinking, Trump fired his million-dollar patronage donor former ambassador Gordon Sondland, Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, and his twin brother Lt. Col. Yevgeny Vindman. Remember all the holier-than-thou proclamations we heard in recent years about “supporting the troops?” Remember how Trump used this smear in his racist culture war against Black football players, like Colin Kaepernick, who were taking a knee for justice on behalf of Blacks who are murdered and brutalized by police?

But somehow the firing of Lt. Col. Vinman is met with disinterest by Republicans.

Former Arizona Senator John McCain must be turning over in his grave. His so-called friend, South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham, who once correctly called Trump “a jackass” before he was elected president is now one of Trump’s biggest sycophantic supporters. Utah Senator Mitt Romney was the lone Republican senator who firmly admitted Trump’s behavior regarding Ukraine was beyond the pale.

Republicans who like to downplay racism—except when they are busy using it as red meat to rile up their voter base—have often lectured Black America about taking personal responsibility. This is usually within the context of telling us we complain too much about institutional racism. Yet, they certainly have no problem blaming and pointing their fingers at others when it suits their wicked political schemes.

For example, in recent years, Latino immigrants and Muslims have been singled out by Republicans and scapegoated as economic leeches and criminal “invaders.” So, now we have child separation and children in cages. Republicans have been using racism and bigotry to gain voters in “red” states for the last fifty years.

Why aren’t we hearing lectures from Republicans telling Trump to take personal responsibility for his racially divisive, corrupt, and criminal actions? Instead we hear ridiculous rationales, head-scratching excuses, and defensive deflections in support of Trump. Republicans refuse to honestly discuss his criminality while smearing anyone who accuses him of wrongdoing. In the impeachment trial, they were more concerned with parroting unproven accusations against Biden.

Apparently, everyone else is lying except Trump—who the Washington Post tell us has told over 15, 000 lies since he has been in office.

Republicans know Trump is an unethical charlatan clown. If President Barack Obama had done a fraction of what Trump has, Republicans would’ve clamored for blood. But because Trump won the presidency as a Republican, they protect him and circle their wagons.

Are the Republicans saying Trump didn’t attempt to influence Ukraine into helping him meddle in the upcoming election? Are they pretending Trump didn’t pressure the Barr Justice Department into perverting justice in the Stone case?

It shouldn’t surprise us that Republicans aren’t concerned by Trump’s attempt to steal the 2020 Election.

Haven’t Republicans been stealing elections by suppressing the vote of African-Americans in particular for decades? Didn’t Republicans steal the presidency for George W. Bush, in 2000, by subverting the vote of Black Floridians? And shouldn’t we admit Stacey Abrams, not Brian Kemp, should now be sitting in the governor’s mansion in Georgia?

The great work of investigative journalist Greg Palast has shined a bright light in both of these cases.

Let’s remember it was Palast who found out that prior to the 2000 Election a group named ChoicePoint “was purging the voter rolls of Florida under a contract with a lady named Katherine Harris, the Secretary of State” of Florida. We shouldn’t forget Harris was the Secretary of State when George Bush’s brother, Jeb, was governor of Florida.

In the 2018 Georgia governor’s race, then Georgia Secretary of State Kemp oversaw the very election he was running in. In March 2017, Kemp announced he would be running for governor in 2018. By July of 2017, Kemp allegedly—on a single day in July—purged the votes of half a million people. He did so in his capacity as secretary of state. Most of the purged were minorities, especially African-Americans.

Kemp’s act was characterized by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution as possibly the “largest mass disenfranchisement in US history.” Palast stated, “Brian Kemp should have resigned as Secretary of State before he purged half a million Georgians.” Palast also noted “340,134 people were absolutely, positively wrongly removed. If you do look at the numbers, it’s impossible to imagine that Abrams wouldn’t have won outright if everyone who is entitled to vote could vote.”

Given this, why should we expect these untrustworthy Republicans would care about Trump’s attempts to steal the 2020 Election—when it would also benefit them? In fact, the danger to the upcoming election is what cooperative schemes Trump and the crooked Republicans are cooking up to steal it.

Trump is the perfect standard-bearer for this corrupt hypocritical and immoral Republican Party.

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