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Trump clearly knows this segment of the American population sees him as perhaps the last great White hope riding in like John Wayne to rescue them from the frightful new America that is less White.
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Trump the “Great White Hope” of American racists.

Donald Trump, the most corrupt racist president of our time, is facing impeachment in the House of Representatives for extorting and bribing Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to create dirt against former Vice-President Joe Biden ahead of the 2020 Elections.

This incident is but one disgraceful episode in a scandal-plagued presidency. Trump has broken nearly every rule that should be adhered to by a president including obstructing justice, using the American Presidency for thievery to enrich himself, and engaging in political extortion and bribery.

Trump’s strong-armed tactics against President Zelensky, withholding congressional funds until Zelensky accused Biden of a crime, is an abominable act that undermines any true concept of democracy.

However, it has been clear long before this scandal that Trump is unfit to serve as president. The legal term “moral turpitude” comes readily to mind whenever he is seen lying about the latest dishonorable incident, he finds himself trying to explain. His presidency has been a tangled web of bigotry, division, deception, and criminal greed.

Still, Republicans will do everything in their power to protect his putrid presidency. Trump was elected to save American white supremacy and the Republican Party leaders know most Republican voters support his warped vision of the nation.

Since the Republican Party is afraid of the rabid racists in their base—and have no real moral principle that they will stand for—they will further expose themselves as hypocrites by continuing to defend Trump. These Republicans are the same ones who used to give grandstanding lectures about putting “country before party.” But here we see their naked hypocrisy as they place their blind political ambitions before the good of the country backing a president who is a posterchild for impeachment.

How can Republicans who called for the impeachment of President Bill Clinton now tell us Trump’s conduct is unimpeachable?

President Clinton was impeached for lying about an extramarital affair with Monica Lewinsky. Trump repeatedly lied in his statements to special prosecutor Robert Mueller and paid no price for doing so. We know he lied about payments to porn-star Stormy Daniels, and that Michael Cohen is now in prison because of the criminality revolving around how those payments were made. Ironically, we know if Trump wasn’t president, he would likely be in a prison cell now.

Trump has used the presidency to promote his brand, make money, and enrich his family—including using the office of the White House to do so by influencing foreign powers, in apparent violation of the Emolument’s Clause. He has, by his own mouth, engaged in obstruction by firing former FBI Director James Comey to stop the Mueller Russia investigation. In plain sight, he repeatedly ridiculed and then got rid of former Attorney General Jeff Sessions for recusing himself from the Russia investigations. Trump made it clear to Sessions that he expected him to use the position to protect his criminal actions—and to use the Justice Department to unjustly attack political opponents.

Current Attorney General Bill Barr, who blatantly lied to the American public about the contents of the Mueller Report, is much more to Trump liking.

In spite of all these scandals and outrages Trump maintains solid support among Republicans voters. Many in media seem stunned by this and much pontificating is done regarding why. Rationales like the strength of the economy are often used though it is clear America’s economic turnaround started under President Obama.

But the primary reason for Trump’s popularity among most Republicans is obvious enough: racism.

Trump was elected to quell the fears of a segment of America which believes White men, solely, were meant to rule this country. Bigotry was Trump’s winning issue. Once Trump continues to attack Blacks, Latinos, Muslims, and any non-White “other,” Republican voters will continue to give him their full support. His criminality matters little to them.

Trump’s political ascension is firmly rooted in Birtherism—and in White America’s fear of the current racial demographic shifts. To this day, attacking President Obama is one of Trump’s constant themes. He does this because he knows the Republican base will always respond favorably due to their racial hatred of President Obama and what he represents regarding the emerging new America that is less White.

After Democrats lost the 2016 Presidential Election, many in media embraced the head-scratching narrative that Democrats lost because they abandoned the White working-class. Conversely, this notion falsely implies Democrats did so while producing benefits for non-White people. Unfortunately, many so-called progressive Whites are also very dishonest when it comes to talking about the political potency of White prejudice. Let’s remember this: 53 percent of White women voted for this “grab them by the pussy” president.

Trump’s early campaign mantra of “taking the country back” was and is a White rallying cry that racial progress must be stopped. “Make America Great Again,” means make it White again. These two slogans capture White fears that the days of White privilege are ending. So, these folks want to take us back to the time when Dixie sentiment ruled and Jim Crow segregation kept Black people in their place at the back of the bus—or strung up on trees.

It isn’t a coincidence America’s racist groups continually pledge support for Trump. This is why Trump found it difficult to denounce David Duke and said there were “very fine people” among the very violent racists in Charlottesville.

President Obama’s historic victory represented the new America that many Whites fear: one where power is shared with non-Whites. Trump seized the opportunity to jump to the head of the line of Republicans who were portraying Obama as a Black evil Devil who came to take White America to Hell.

When history books are written about the rise of Trump, the fear Obama’s Presidency caused Whites must be referenced as an essential element. Birtherism must be examined as the starting point to Trump’s entrance into presidential politics. Racism—not White working-class woes—was the main point Trump articulated for Republican voters.

Because of Trump’s numerous outrages, some seem to have forgotten the race card was the primary card he played to gain political power from the start. Before the Muslim travel ban, and before the call for building “the wall,” Trump gained Republican support by attacking President Obama as an illegal immigrant, and likely Muslim. Trump was so relentless in promoting these, racist, spurious, claims President Obama felt the need to publicly display his birth certificate.

Mainstream media’s role in promoting Trump with constant “news” coverage must also be analyzed. The media is uncomfortable with this fact: their avaricious actions—more than whatever help Russia supplied—was the main reason Trump was legitimized as a viable candidate. The circus reality tv atmosphere Trump created was good for ratings. Former CBS CEO Les Moonves admitted this saying, “It may not be good for America, but it’s damn good for CBS.

Ever since then, the corporate media has been doing everything to slay the beast they created. However, regardless of what happens next with Trump serious social clashes await America. In fact, a Trump loss in 2020 will probably lead to immediate violence, especially since he will tell his psycho followers the “deep state” removed him.

Trump’s divisive rhetoric has already unleashed some of the racist resentment of a violent portion of Americans. The massacres at the Tree of Life Synagogue, and in El Paso, are examples of this. Trump once boasted that “I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody and wouldn’t lose any voters, okay?” In a calculated manner, Trump has weaponized racist Americans to protect his criminal agenda by utilizing right-wing media outlets like Fox News.

Trump clearly knows this segment of the American population sees him as perhaps the last Great White Hope riding in like John Wayne to rescue them from the frightful new America that is less White.

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