Trump Denies New TPS For Yemenis Whose Country Torn by Saudi War


Trump–TPS denier. Photo: Gage Skidmore–Flickr.

Earlier today, the Trump administration decided not to redesignate Yemen for Temporary Protected Status despite the country’s ongoing civil war and humanitarian crises.

While those currently provided TPS were granted an 18 month extension, those who fled after the deadline face deportation.

The decision comes after the administration terminated TPS for six countries that could lead to 300,000 people forcibly deported and separated from their 273,000 US citizen children. The last recourse is for Congress to enact a permanent solution for Yemenis who aren’t covered by today’s decision and for the hundreds of thousands of others who are working, vetted, and contributing members of our communities.

“Before having TPS, I was a student and I was supported by my family. But as a result of the war, all of my father’s businesses in Yemen were shut down,” Hani Moshen, a Yemeni TPS holder living in New York, said. “TPS has changed my life because I am able to support myself and make a living. Now, my family does not have to support me. Because of the administration’s decision to not redesignate TPS for Yemen, many will be forced to survive in war conditions. The situation is so bad… living in Yemen at this time is a death sentence.”

Pili Tobar, Managing Director of America’s Voice, said: “With Yemen facing an ongoing civil war, famine, disease, and deteriorating infrastructure- Yemeni TPS holders need protection now more than ever. If they are deported back to Yemen as a result of the non-resdesignation, Yemeni TPS holders will be condemned to the same violence and famine they fled to escape. While we are glad that some Yemeni TPS holders are allowed to stay for the 18 month extension, we are outraged by yet another attack from the Trump administration against immigrants, this time thousands of refugees who will be unable to seek asylum in the U.S. under TPS status.“

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