Trudi Ferguson, Bohemian Chic

Trudi: "Don’t accept doubt and don’t take on the negative things that people try to give you. That includes even your family and friends. Take time to rejuvenate your mind."


Where She’s From: Former Miss Jamaica and that country’s Miss Universe contestant, beautiful Trudi Ferguson, was born and raised in Kingston.

“True West Indian discipline and structure were a part of my upbringing,� she tells The Black Star News. “I learned from my father, the late Denzil Ferguson, that relentlessly following your dream is part of the pursuit of happiness.�

Her father was one of the most innovative and determined men on the Island. He was a renowned builder and even invented a machine system of efficiently and accurately laying bricks that he said would cut construction costs by 20%. He was also president of the Kiwanis North St. Andrew.

Trudi’s mother, Sandra Bruno, was a quiet powerhouse of a woman who blended and balanced practical planning and steady building. “After all, what is a powerful Skyscraper without a powerful foundation?� Trudi says.

In 1996, representing Jamaica, Trudi placed 11th out of 79 girls at Miss Universe. “I wasn’t considered that typical beauty for pageants, or my culture,� she recalls. “I had extremely short hair, darker than the standard and thinner than the average beauty queen. The last time a woman won with short hair was 1975 and that was an afro.�

Where She’s At:
Trudi’s career has many layers. She launched her modeling career in Europe, working with Vidal Sasson and Wella and traveling through Germany with them.

“I am constantly growing,� she says, “changing and getting better at whatever it is I do in life. I am taking more control and branding myself like Tyra Banks and Cindy started doing very early in their careers. I have just picked up speed again after a lovely break with the birth of my angel, Ava. She is 22-months now and a handful, but also that extra drive or you could say fire in my veins.� She’s also changed her look from “huge afro� as she says “to Slick straight hair.�

Her creative skills and curiosity leads her to new interests. “I have ventured into photography recently and I am enjoying expressing myself artistically on the other side of the Camera,� Trudi says. “I am a true artist at heart so finding new ways to develop is inevitable. I am focused on Fashion and with my experience as an editorial model it allows me to offer something more to other up and comers who test-shoot with me.�

Somehow, this tireless beauty also finds time to be a Fashion correspondent for C.R.U.E (Controversial-Raw-Urban-Expression). “I get my determination from my dad,� Trudi says, which helps her deal with challenges in the industry. “I just won’t take ‘no’ for an answer. I overcome by remembering that some people place those stereotypes on me because they are empty in some part of themselves. Even the ones that seem outwardly successful. When you are content with yourself you do not need to tear others down.�

“Beauty may get you in the door but it’s brainpower that keeps you there with successful longevity,� Trudi cautions. “Think of Tyra Banks and Cindy Crawford and the Governor General of Canada, Michaelle Jean. She is the first Afro- Caribbean to serve. She is a Haitian–born refugee, battered women’s activist, Italian teacher, cancer-survivor, Television journalist and mother.�

“I love to mix vintage with designers like Gucci and Roberto Cavalli,� Trudi says, when asked how she gets ready to step outside. “I lean towards what they call Bohemian Chic. My facial routine consists of Aveeno Cleanser, Jameson vitamin E&A products and my makeup is a combo of MAC cosmetics and Chanel lip products and even Black Opal Crème foundation for good coverage. My perfume is Organza which is subtle but intoxicating and Agent Provocateur is just that sensual French scent.�
Trudi’s stylist is Trevor J of Desire Hair Design, one the best in Toronto, and uses exclusively Deep Brilliance Products because of its high quality for ethnic hair, giving solid results. “I am completely impressed with his own line of hair extension—Esty Collection,� she says. “As for the rest of my body, Samson Gi Fit takes very good care of that. He is a one of the best fitness guru’s in Toronto and has just opened a private exclusive studio in Yorkville.�

Where She’s Heading: Following her father’s example, Trudi has many plans for long-term development projects in Jamaica in the future. In the meantime, she has been busy—she did the Red Stripe Beer commercial, swimsuit calendar and billboards. She’s done “B-micheal� fashion show during New York fashion week. She also plans a website, Singlemomsunited, which will focus on providing resources in all areas for single moms to thrive. “There is just not enough focus and concentrated help for them,� Trudi says.

Trudi’s Words Of Wisdom: “Stay focused, driven but balanced. Ask for what you want including the right questions to the right people. Don’t accept doubt and don’t take on the negative things that people try to give you. That includes even your family and friends. Take time to rejuvenate your mind. Don’t try to drive on an empty tank! You can do that with prayer or meditation and also renew your mind with knowledge that relates to your goals.�
Trudi’s Secrets Of Success: “Keeping balance and persistence at the forefront of everything I do. I train my mind to be positive and clear. When you surround yourself with other powerful people, that energy stimulates your own personal power. Now remember, that includes not just people who are super successful, but also people and friends who are emotionally and spiritually powerful as well.�
Trudi’s Favorite All Time Movies: “Devil Wears Prada, Shinobi, Orlando, Memoirs of A Geisha, and the Pursuit of Happyness.�
Trudi’s Favorite All Time Three Books: “The Success Principles by Jack Canifield is the book I highly recommend, Alchemist, and Memoirs Of A Geisha.�
Trudi’s Final Observations One Day At Career’s End: “As a Warrior I pursued my dreams fiercely as well as uplifted and inspired others to see their true Greatness.�

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