Tips for Dealing with Grief and Rebuilding Your Life


Photo: meditation” (CC BY 2.0) by Spirit-Fire


When somebody dies, people deal with it in different ways. Whether the loss was expected after a long illness, or it was comparably sudden, grief can overwhelm people and make them feel lost. If you are struggling to deal with the loss of someone that you love then there are some ways to help to cope with the grief that you are feeling.

The starting point is to gain a better idea of what to expect through your different stages of grief, although the time taken to reach the final stage varies greatly from one person to the next. Here are some ways that you can help yourself to manage your grief.

Understand the different stages of grief

Medical experts have outlined five main stages of grief: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, and Acceptance. Learning more about these stages will help you to identify where you are in the pathway. It will also help you to decide on the best ways to help yourself through each stage, e.g. find ways to relieve some of your depression or to channel your anger.

Get support

You can find support for grief in many different forms. From talking through your feelings with close friends, to seeing a professional for counseling, if you are struggling with grief then you should seek help. Other ways that people deal with grief include speaking to a Psychic about Tarot Readings to help better understand and talk about their grief, and get advice on how to move on with life and plan for the future.

Use spirituality or faith

Many people find comfort in the associated mourning rituals of their faith, or turn to spirituality to help deal with the pain of losing someone. Learning how to meditate or take a yoga class can help to clear your mind and build mental strength. Spiritual retreats are a great way to start the healing process, so they are another method for coping with grief that you could try.


Stay busy with hobbies


You might not feel like going out and doing exercise, or meeting up with friends, but it is really important that you try to maintain your normal routine and keep up with your hobbies and interests. If you don’t have many hobbies, then now could be a good time to try doing something that you enjoy so that you can take your mind away from your grief. Exercise is a really good way to relieve stress, so going for a run, joining a class or even taking a walk outdoors can help.


Losing someone you care about is usually the hardest thing you will ever deal with in life, but there are lots of ways that you can help to manage your grief, such as the ones listed here. Remember, everybody is different and responds to the loss of a loved one in different ways. If you are worried about feeling depressed as a result of your loss, you can visit your physician for advice on the support that is available to you.


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