Three More Bandits, Ex-Minneapolis Police Officers, Charged in George Floyd Murder

The three killers. Screenshot from video.
Three more more bandits, ex-police officers on the Minneapolis police department, have been charged in the brutal public extrajudicial execution of George Floyd last Monday in Minneapolis.  
Additionally, the actual killer, Derek Chauvin, now faces second degree murder charges. Chauvin had been arrested and charged with second degree murder last week Friday. 
The three are: Tou That, 34, J. Alexander Kueng, 26, and Thomas Lane, 37. Kueng has already been arrested while warrants issued for the other two.
The other three bandits were charged with aiding and abetting murder. Two had pinned Floyd down, while Chauvin pressed the full body of his weight on the victim’s neck. Chauvin even adjusted his position during the murder, to concentrate more weight on his left knee. The horrific murder was recorded on cell phone video by several bystanders. One of the police officers charged today kept these agitated bystanders at bay. 
In some video recordings Floyd could be heard begging, “Please, I can’t breathe, please.” In one recording a bystander can he heard saying, “Let him breathe.” Another bystanders can also be heard yelling, “He’s bleeding from his nose.” 
Chauvin, 44, reportedly pressed his knees on Floyd’s neck for eight minutes and 46 seconds. After six minutes, Floyd was no longer moving, yet Chauvin pressed his knees on his neck for an additional two minutes and 46 seconds. 
The charges against the three bandits and the second degree murder charge against Chauvin were announced today by Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison. 
There were reportedly 17 previous complaints against Chauvin and Thao had six complaints against him. In one lawsuit reportedly settled for $25,000 Thao had kneed and kicked a Black man, leaving him bruised and with broken teeth. 
All four bandits had already been fired last week. 


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