This Natural Shampoo, Conditioner is Answer to Dry, Itchy Scalp

aloe + coal by T.Spruill, a botanical shampoo

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Scalp eczema is one of the top five medical diagnoses for Black people.,and%20excess%20production%20of%20sebum.

Like millions of Black women, licensed cosmetologist Tracey Spruill was no stranger to this embarrassing and frustrating condition. In 2019, she decided to finally do something about it.

So she created aloe + coal by T.Spruill, a botanical shampoo and conditioner set designed to treat dandruff by soothing dry and itchy scalps, restoring brittle hair, and reducing hair shedding. 

Aloe + coal by T.Spruill is packed with natural, effective ingredients: activated charcoal, aloe vera, rose hip oil, and an FDA-approved ingredient monographed for the treatment of dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis. . The shampoo and conditioner duo is now recommended by leading dermatologists.

If you’re tired of trying over-the-counter hair products, only to be left disappointed, try aloe + coal by T.Spruill.

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