This ‘Bud’ is for you-Terence Crawford new W.B.C. & W.B.O. 140 Pound Champ


This ‘Bud’ is for You-Terence Crawford new W.B.C. & W.B.O. 140 Pound Champ

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Distinio Lois, Jr.

Despite all of Viktor Postol’s declarations of confidence, height, reach and a better jab advantage, he was not able stop the smaller raging bull Terence “Bud” Crawford in his quest to win and unify all of the Junior Welterweight Titles.

Saturday, July 23rd 2016 at the M.G.M. Grand Arena & Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada, we saw a boxing master-Crawford- similar to the now retired icon of the ring Floyd Mayweather, literally “give” away the first 3 rounds of this W.B.C. & W.B.O. 140 Pound unification championship fight, but from the 4th round on, Crawford gave his undefeated opponent Postol, a boxing lesson.

From the already known statistical fight records, both were undefeated with similar records-28-0- and both owned a world title so it was very difficult to choose one fighter over the other even though both throughout their press conferences confidently declared victories, and of course Postol was bigger, taller, with a longer reach.

In the very first round Crawford immediately switched to a south paw fighting position moving from side to side counter punching Postol’s attacks.

In the 4th round it seemed that his plan-fighting left-handed-was confusing Postol so he remained in that position the entire 12 rounds beating a frustrated and confused Postol scoring 2 knockdowns in the 5th round.

It was then-5th round- that the pro-Crawford crowd which included his entire family who traveled all the way from Omaha, Nebraska, realized that a Crawford victory was guaranteed unless Postol a hard puncher would score a knockout over a smaller Crawford.

That was not to be since the agile fast moving, quick thinking Bud Crawford had figured out all of Postol’s battle plans and destroyed them, leaving him with no clue on how to adjust.

You could hear trainer Freddy Roach futilely instructing him not to chase Crawford, but, “cut the ring off and then attack, you need a knockout to win because you are losing it”. Postol would just nod his head but kept plodding forward throwing punches that missed as Crawford counter-punched hurting him several times round by round piling up winning points.

By the 10th round until the final 12th, I got the impression that Crawford was not looking for a knockout but he just wanted to punish and embarrass Postol for calling him a coward who was afraid to fight him. “I could see the fear in his eyes when I looked at him”, Postol would declare repeatedly at the interviews before the fight.

In the 12th and final round a desperate Postol rushed out of his corner trying to score a knockout desperately trying to pull victory out of certain defeat but it was a little too late as Crawford laughed at him while dancing away as those precious seconds ticked away until the final bell.

A smiling Crawford stated that, “I don’t have to go for a knockout to win, I am more a boxer than a slugger. If the knockout comes then it comes, but I am happy just to have my hand raised in victory after the fight.”

This battle of these 2 undefeated fighters was a great example of how one just did not improve from fight to fight with the attitude that if “ain’t broke don’t fix it”.

It probably demonstrates also that perhaps Postol was also “fed” a spoonful of non-competitive opponents and Lucas Matthysse who quit in the 4th round was his only elite opponent.

Crawford, 29-0, 20 knockouts and now the W.B.C. & W.B.O. 140 Pound Champion studied very well in his training camp and improved to adjust to Postol’s fighting style leaving no doubt that he is if not the best, one of the best in his 140 pound weight division.

The score cards were all unanimous awarding Crawford his well- deserved and hard earned decision, -2 Judges-118 / 107, and the 3rd 117-108. Black Star News scored the fight 119 / 107 with the first round even.

As a reward Bud Crawford who earned a purse of $1.3 million dollars was being offered Manny Pacquiao possibly on November 5th 2016. “That will be a great fight for me but for now I’ll leave that up to Top Rank and my Trainers because I am now going on vacation with my family”, stated Crawford.

Viktor Postol, perhaps despondent or most likely embarrassed left the ring immediately refusing to be interviewed.

Terence “Bud” Crawford is a fighter to be considered among the elites of the 140 and 147 pound divisions. He did indicate that after he cleaned up the 140 pound level he was interested in moving up to 147 pounds. Are you listening Keith Thurman, Shawn Porter, Kell Brook, Jessie Vargas, Amir Khan, Earl Spence, Jr., Danny “Swift” Garcia?

Stay tune my Black Star News readers.

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