Theater: Sacred Ground Productions Presents “Painted Red”




Sacred Ground Productions Presents “Painted Red”

A story of profound love, the tragedy of loss and the redemptive power of compassion.

Written and Directed by Cynthia Stephens

Henrietta Lacks, an African American tobacco farmer, moves her family to Baltimore in search of a better life. When she is stricken with cervical cancer, Henrietta is treated at a world renowned medical center, where cells are taken from her body for experimentation without her knowledge or permission.

Henrietta’s cells secretly become the first immortal human cell line and a workhorse for scientific research and profit.

This unsung heroine’s name is finally brought to the light of day, but not before her family goes on a journey of their own.

Creative Team: Giovanni Villari, Ali Turns, Gabriel Zambrano, Reggie Street, Kwesi Thomas

Featuring: Neal Arluck, Michael Broadhurst, Kenneth Browning, Jeff Burchfield, John Cannon, Jamyl Dobson, Milton Elliott, Rocky Friedman Vargas, Kevin Gordon, Tiffany Nichole Greene, Deaon Griffin Pressley, Sahirah Johnson, Ro Milner, Liz Morgan, Waleed Richardson, Tony Robinson, Tara Taylor

(Neal Arluck, Jeff Burchfield, John Cannon, Jamyl Dobson, Milton Elliott, Kevin Gordon*, Tiffany Nichole Greene,  Sahirah Johnson*, Liz Morgan*,Tony Robinson*, and Tara Taylor*, are *appearing courtesy of Actors Equity Association)

Equity Approved Showcase 

Tickets: $18 @ SMARTTIX.COM 212-868-4444

Performance Dates:

Thurs. 4/17, 7:00 pm

Fri. 4/18, 7:00 pm

Sat. 4/19, 2:00 pm; 7:00 pm

Sun. 4/20, 2:00 pm

Weds. 4/23, 3:00 pm

Thurs. 4/24, 7:00 pm

Fri. 4/25, 7:00 pm

Sat. 4/26, 2:00 pm, 7:00 pm

Sun. 4/27, 2:00 pm


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