The New York Sports Fans’ Blues: Championship Droughts

The feeling that the season is really over has finally sunk in; just as the sound of the game and series ending buzzer has stopped ringing in the collective ear of the Knickerbockers’ fan base and New York sports fans.

The chants of “wait until next season” has been muted by the Knick players talk of how good the season was considering the drought since the bygone years of Pat Riley and Jeff Van Gundy. Wow like joy, who wants to be the flower girl.

Once more what reeks of mediocrity is the follow up of a promise to build on this season. Hmmm, breathe in and breathe out. I agree this was a much improved year—Coach Mike Woodson is great.  He seems to make a connection with the players, that’s always a positive attribute in a coach. But what I want is the dream, desire, drive and yes the follow through to success.

How long must Knick fans wait? What is holding them back? Dare I say rebuilding, an ugly word for New York fans?  Madison Square Garden is in the eyes of all Knick fans—where all basketball roads should lead to for the NBA Championship Finals period. The last time the Knicks made it to the finals was in the 1999 season.  It’s been 40 years since they won the NBA championship.

Well, at least the Rangers are still in the playoffs—ah no. They lost the series versus the Boston Bruins four to one games. What irony, seeing the Knicks beat the Boston Celtic to go on to the second round of their playoffs. Yes the Rangers waited until they were in a three game hole to fight back.  Goalie Henrik Lundquist had save after save but if the team cannot score more than two goals what is he supposed to do?  He can’t have a shutout every night against a playoff caliber team like the Bruins.

Like all other New York sports teams, they waited until the last possible moment to do something. Talk about having a shotgun to your head.  It’s the curse of the New York sports team and indigestion for New York sports fans. After all it has been 19 years and counting now since they have tasted sweet victory and libations out of the Stanley Cup.

Seriously, let’s see how long it has been since the New York area teams have won it all:

New York Giants—2012

New York Yankees—2009

New York/ New Jersey Red Bulls—2008

New Jersey Devils—2002- 2003

New York Rangers—1994

New York Metropolitans—1986

New York Islanders—1983

New York Knickerbockers—1973

New York Jets—1969

New York Liberty—never won

New Jersey now Brooklyn Nets—never won

Buffalo Sabres –never won

Buffalo Bills—never won

The Major League baseball season is just warming up. Yes, the Lady Liberties lost their first game but the Women’s National Basketball Association’s season just started. There is that new soccer team, New York City Football Club co-owned by the New York Yankees ownership that will begin in the 2015 season. At least the Giants are champions until September then they become defending champions.  We will take what we can get. 




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