The Hits and Misses of Dating a Baseball Player

Photo by Chris Briggs on Unsplash.
Whether you are dating someone in AAA or someone that is in the professional leagues, being romantically entangled with a baseball player is interesting. While there are definite perks of being with a fit and often wealthy individual, it’s not all sunshine and daisies. We’re going to look at the hits and misses of dating a baseball player to show you the things that you’ll love and the parts of dating that will make you want to leave the ballpark behind. 
Hit: Baseball Players are in Great Shape
One consideration to make before dating a baseball player is that they are a professional athlete, so they’re going to be in shape. That means you will get a piece of hot arm candy to show off while also getting to enjoy all the romantic perks of having a fit partner. Your partner will be able to keep up with you in terms of fitness and this can make a relationship very exciting.
Miss: He’s Going to be Away Often
One of the immediate downsides that occurs when dating a baseball player is that they are away very often. Even in AAA, baseball players will be on the road for half the year where they play over 160 games. That doesn’t leave a lot of time for them to be home, take out the trash, and be romantic with you. This is especially hard if the two of you are getting serious because you have to wonder if he’s seeking someone else while out of town.
Hit: Baseball Players are Famous, and You’ll Be, Too
Have you ever wanted to attend a party and rub elbows with the rich and famous? Baseball players and their significant others get to do that all the time. Fame is something that helps everyone around it, so if you are trying to boost your career or get your name out there it is beneficial to have a famous date.
Miss: Your Entire Life Can Be Upended in a Minute
The worst part about dating someone that plays baseball is that the relationships are either hookups or serious in nature. If you opt for the latter, then you can find that your boyfriend has been suddenly traded and he wants you to move with him across the country. That can be nice for some people, but if you have to put in a short notice at work or with family it can be difficult. You might find yourself moving to new state where your significant other signed a decade-long deal!
Hit: There Is a High Potential for Wealth and Comfort
No worries, though, because if your boyfriend is serious enough to bring you along for the ride, the chances are it will be a smooth one. Baseball players that are talented land big contracts and bring home a hefty paycheck. If you manage to find yourself dating or engaged to a professional player, don’t count on being poor. In fact, you might end up married and never needing to work another day in your life. Of course, that is really only the case with marriage, but it’s never too early to think about settling down with a baseball player!
‏As you can see, dating a baseball player comes with a lot of expectations, advantages, and challenges. After meeting a player on dating website like, you’ll need to think about the long distance aspect of dating and the possibility that your partner could have to move on a whim. Yet, this is helped by the physique, wealth, and fame that a baseball player can garner throughout a career. While there are highs and lows, most people would agree that dating a baseball player is definitely a home run‪.‬

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