The Cancer Of Racism Haunts America

Is it because America has never been able to deal honestly with this country’s history of racist bigotry? And, the xenophobic tenor and tone of most of the responses, to this editorial, are a testament to that. Racism is the cancer that continues to eat the soul of this nation.

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The vitriolic responses by some readers to the Sept. 6 Black Star News editorial “Van Jones, Victim Of Hate-broadcast Terrorism,” is an example of the deep-seated racism still festering in the hearts and souls of a significant portion of the American populace.

It is a deadly cancer that threatens to promote a cataclysm.

The editorial   highlighted the fact that the resignation of Vann Jones was a manufactured hatchet job orchestrated by right-wing charlatan Glenn Beck, of Fox News.  Beck had been reeling, having lost some 60 commercial sponsors, since his patently racist assertion that President Obama had “a deep-seated hatred for white people or the white culture” and saying “I’m not saying he doesn’t like white people. I’m saying he has a problem. This guy is, I believe, a racist.”

Beck made these statements in the aftermath of the fallout of the unjustified arrest of Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates, by a white police officer.

Black Star News’ editorial was dead on in this observation that Beck’s motives, credibility—and sanity—should be questioned.  Yet, several readers reacted in an irrational, emotional and racist manner to the editorial. Why so?

Is it because America has never been able to deal honestly with this country’s history of racist bigotry? And, the xenophobic tenor and tone of most of the responses, to this editorial, are a testament to that. Racism is the cancer that continues to eat the soul of this nation.

The truth of this can be seen in the bizarre bigoted events we’ve been witnessing for months now. The latest example of this was furnished by South Carolina Congressman Joe Wilson who called President Obama a “liar” when Obama said during his health care address that his healthcare reform would not cover “illegal aliens.”
This episode showed the lack of decorum—and respect—that we’ve witnessed for months against the first Black American president.  Justice Roger B. Taney said, in the Dread Scott Decision, Blacks were “beings of an inferior order…and so far unfit that they had no rights which the white man was bound to respect.”  Does any serious person believe the disrespect displayed for this president, avenues ahead of his predecessor in intellect and wisdom,  is based on anything but race?

President Obama has had his citizenship, competence and patriotism questioned.  Much of this has been pumped up by pundit provocateurs and shameless liars like Beck, Lou Dobbs, Sean Hannity, and Rush Limbaugh.  But this is nothing new.  The news media has always had a hand in provoking attacks on Blacks.  During the Lynching Era, white editors were assigned the task of publishing propaganda to create and justify a climate where terrorism and violence against Blacks was fostered. Now we see the hate broadcasters creating and fueling a similar environment.

President Obama’s recent speech to America’s students, about the value of education, caused much hysterics.  Many charged that the president was trying to “indoctrinate” students into his “socialist” agenda.  The truth of the matter is that in terms of “indoctrination,” millions in this country were conditioned historically into race hatred, with deadly consequences, against Blacks for centuries.  This spurious charge is instructive in stripping the naked guilt of racists, like those who attacked the Black Star News editorial. 

They come from some who aren’t interested in redemption.

The reality is:  the racist accusations of people like Glenn Beck is always an attempt to hide the very conduct they charge others with.  For example, some readers of the editorial claim Blacks suffer, in America, because they don’t “work” hard enough.  Supposedly, if they just worked “harder “ they would have no problem achieving the “American Dream.”

When will the falsehoods stop? The lies are even illogical; although when dealing with Glenn Beck we have to stretch the definition. You can’t sell two stories at the same time. Black people congenitally lazy? Then why were they hauled from thousands of miles away to build the riches this country now enjoy—including those inherited by some of those who posted the hateful responses?

Kwame Toure, who was  better known as Stokely Carmichael,  put it well in his 1966 speech, in California, entitled Black Power : “We have taken all the myths of this country and we’ve found them to be nothing but downright lies. This country told us that if we worked hard we would succeed, and if that were true we would own this country lock, stock and barrel….It is we who have picked the cotton for nothing.  It is we who are the maids in the kitchens of liberal white people.  It is we who are the janitors, the porters, the elevator men;  we who sweep up your college floors.  Yes, it is we who are the hardest workers and the lowest paid.”

Anyone who knows anything of the economic history of America knows that this country was made rich by the uncompensated labor during plantation slavery.  That’s how America became rich; it wasn’t through John D. Rockefeller,  J.P. Morgan or Cornelius Vanderbilt.

Now some godless degenerates give Black people lectures about “hard work,” “personal responsibility” and “character,”  when they can’t even heal their rabid racism? Where was the character during genocide against Native and African Americans?

Some bigots suffer from terminal racism.  Many of them have awoken from the stupor they’ve been in since last November.  Nobody is going back to the back of the bus.
As  Malcolm X said in his famous Ballot or Bullet Speech, “those days are gone,” never to return.

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