The Best U.S. Horse Racing Events for Betting Companies


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During spring-time, we Brits usually go absolutely mad over the Grand National, with those not even remotely interested in horse racing placing their bets in the hopes of winning huge amounts of money. But, have you ever considered betting on horse races within the US? There are several horse racing events within America that receive a massive betting intake, making them perfect for betting companies. Plus, as you can find so many free horse racing tips online, you can place higher bets feeling confident that you’ve picked a real winner. Let’s see which US horse racing events are perfect for betting companies, shall we?

Belmont Stakes, New York: The Belmont Stakes count as the third and final leg of the Triple Crown, dating back to 1867. It commences on the first Saturday of June each year, and from this fact alone, it’s clear to see why the Belmont Stakes will be beneficial to betting companies, as this event is part of one of the biggest horseracing competitions in the world. Plus, it’s the final leg of the competition, meaning that gamblers will place their final bets on their favoured horse, which will usually be higher than usual due to their sudden feeling of luck. Especially when a particular horse has a chance to win the crown, the Belmont Stakes receive a lot of media attention, encouraging more people than usual to place their bets on this legendary race.

Kentucky Derby, Kentucky: This horse racing event is the first installment in the Triple Crown, where you can find people donning their fanciest hat and attire to attend. Over 150,000 spectators will appear at the historic event, which has been a tradition for centuries. Due to the historic heritage of the race, many people will attend. Plus, being the first installment of the Triple Crown, the options for horses will be completely open, allowing gamblers to bet on whatever horse they like. Because of the ample of opportunities available, bets usually come flooding in for this race, proving very beneficial for betting companies’ revenue. Considering that a lot of attendees are rather posh as well, betting companies can definitely expect to see slightly higher bets, too.

Arlington Million, Illinois: Moving away from the Triple Crown, Arlington Million can be just as beneficial for sports betting companies! Although it’s only been around since 1981, this horse racing event was the first to offer a purse of $1million. If this wouldn’t ring alarm bells in the ears of all betting companies, they are seriously missing the trick. With such a massive jackpot around the first time in history, people are going to go mental over this event and literally chuck their money at brokers. Arlington Million has kept this purse, meaning that punters are still eager to bet high and receive a very generous pay check after a hopeful win.

Breeders’ Cup: Dedicated fans of this particular horse racing event anticipate it all year round, looking forward to the 13 different races that it has to offer. From a betting company’s point of view, it’s always tactical to target those loyal to a specific horse race. Sure, you can generate a gargantuan profit from the Triple Crown races because they’re so well known internationally. However, that doesn’t make targeting niche races a stupid move. “Why?” I hear you ask! Well, more niche races tend to have a very loyal following, so you can always guarantee a significant customer base off of them. Therefore, betting companies will benefit from these events, as they can expect punters to gamble with them year after year after year.


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