The 15 Best Political Podcasts To Listen To In 2022

Pod Save The People

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To say there’s a lot going on in the world right now is an understatement. With a volatile political landscape in the United States and a barrage of shocking global news, it can be difficult to keep up with current events. Political podcasts offer a convenient solution. The best podcasts inform you of what’s happening with the world, while offering nuanced perspectives in an entertaining way.

To help you stay in the loop, here are 15 of the best political podcasts available.

(1) Pod Save The People

This podcast from Crooked Media covers politics, social justice, and culture. Hosted by American civil rights activist DeRay McKesson with frequent analysis from Kaya Henderson and De’Ara Balenger, it’s one of the highest rated political podcasts for a good reason. “Anyone looking for a political podcast that frequently touches on activism and social justice should look no further than Pod Save The People,” advises Walter Perez, a business writer at Paper Fellows and State of writing.

(2) How To Citizen With Baratunde

This entertaining podcast is hosted by Baratunde Thurston, a comedian, writer, and political commentator. The show focuses on the concepts of political power, relationships, and what it truly means to be a citizen in the United States.

(3) Still Processing

Produced by The New York Times, this top-rated podcast is hosted by journalists Wesley Morris and Jenna Wortham. While most of the episodes lean towards culture, there is a heavy political undertone in their discussions due to the journalist backgrounds of both hosts.

(4) Attitudes!

For those who prefer to take their news doused with humor, this podcast which was formerly named Throwing Shade discusses politics from a comedic standpoint. The hosts, Erin Gibson and Bryan Safi, draw on their personal experiences to cover women’s and LGBTQ2S+ issues.

(5) Throughline

This podcast produced by NPR aims to understand the present better by diving into the past. Hosted by journalists Rund Abdelfatah and Ramtin Arablouei, they explore topics that range from the rise of the Taliban to soul train with thorough research.

(6) The United States Of Anxiety

Hosted by journalist and author Kai Wright, this podcast approaches current political events with a historical lens. Kai discusses topics such as critical race theory, the NFL, and the climate crisis with an insightful, engaging, and researched approach.

(7) In The Thick

For those who are interested in conversations about race, culture, and politics, this podcast might be the one for you. The hosts, Maria Hinojosa and Julia Ricardo Varela, are award-winning journalists who offer their POC perspective on important political topics.

(8) Pod Save America

This interesting podcast from Crooked Media is hosted by former aides to President Barack Obama. Hosts Jon Favreau, Jon Lovett, Dan Pfeiffer, and Tommy Vietor draw on their political expertise and openly share their opinions on news that matter.

(9) Best Of The Left

For left-leaning individuals in search of a political podcast that reflects their values, listen to Best of the Left. Hosted by Jay Tomlinson, this podcast has covered progressive news and topics for over 15 years.

(10) The Argument

This political podcast, produced by The New York Times, does a great job at exploring topics in the manner of an open debate. Hosted by Jane Coaston, who identifies as a Libertarian, the podcast offers Conservative and right-leaning perspectives in a surprisingly respectful way.

(11) Political Gabfest

Produced by Slate Media, this podcast is a favorite among political pundits. Hosted by David Plotz, Emily Bazelon and John Dickerson, they discuss the ins and outs of politics in Washington.

(12) Left, Right, & Center

Hosted by journalist Josh Barro who takes the center view during discussions, this weekly podcast offers balanced perspectives on leading issues.

(13) The Daily

This podcast by The New York Times offers a concise summary of daily news in half an hour or less. It’s hosted by Michael Barbaro and the stories are told by some of the leading journalists in the world. “While most episodes make an effort to be objective as expected from The New York Times, a few are obviously biased,” warns Deborah Banks, a project manager at Boom Essays and Essay Roo.

(14) FiveThirtyEight Politics

From ABC News, this podcast is hosted by statistician Nate Silver. Each episode covers the latest events in politics and analyzes its meaning for Americans.

(15) Politically Sound

Produced by CNN, this political podcast is hosted by journalists David Chalian and Nia-Malika Henderson. They cover the most pressing topics in politics with unbiased and researched insights.


Political podcasts offer listeners a convenient way to stay in touch with the latest news and most significant issues. The best part is that these podcasts are all completely free.

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