Surgeon Dr. Ben Carson And The Stockholm Syndrome


Dr. Ben Carson — Boss, is we sick?

[Beneath The Spin]

It seems that White conservatives will never learn that by trotting people like Allen West, Herman Cain, or Dr. Ben Carson out before the public, they’re doing themselves a disservice in the Black community.

Black people know and understand our own people. We warned America that Herman Cain had a flawed character. Then when it came out that he was a philandering pervert, conservatives were shocked, while the Black community walked away snickering, and asked, “What else is new?”

So you see, it’s not Black people who are out of touch. We overwhelmingly support the Democratic Party because we have sense enough not to reject the Bogie Man just to go out and support the Devil.

Black people understand that any Black person who aligns him or herself with the conservative cause has to be either an idiot or suffer from a severe character flaw. Sound crazy? Okay, well tell me this, how do you feel about Americans who align themselves with Al Qaeda? It’s the exact same rationale.

Black people have centuries of experience in dealing with White conservatives. We know whose grinnin’ in our face during the day, and then riding around under sheets at night. So Black people have long since recognized what many White liberals are just beginning to see – that the modern Republican Party is the domestic enemy of the United States. The recent government shutdown clearly attests to that fact.

Thus, if Al Qaeda represents a rattle snake in America’s garden, the current GOP represents a python in the bedroom. Al Qaeda blew up buildings and killed people, while the current Republican Party is dedicated to destroying the very foundation upon which this nation was founded.

So, yes, most Black people detest Black conservatives, because Black people love America, so we view Black conservatives as not only the enemy of the state, but the enemy of their own people. In short, we look upon them like we would Jewish Nazis.

Thus, the Black community recognizes that while Dr. Ben Carson may be a renowned neurosurgeon, he’s had to swallow his pride so often, kiss so much rump, and jump through so many racist hoops to get where he did, that he’s been left with a sever case of Stockholm Syndrome. The man even looks weak, beat up, and morally exhausted.

He recently told a conservative Republican audience that the Affordable Care Act (ACA) or Obamacare was the worst thing since Slavery.

For the benefit of those of you who may not be familiar with the Stockholm Syndrome, it’s a psychiatric concept named to describe the psychological response of hostages who were locked in a bank vault for five days during a robbery in Stockholm, Sweden between August 23rd and 28th of 1973.

Some of the hostages were so traumatized during their ordeal that they began to confuse relief from blatant abuse with an act of kindness. As a result, they began to empathize with their captors. Many became so attached to their captors, in fact, that they refused assistance and even defended the criminals after they were released.

So, contrary to popular belief, there are hordes of Black people in the community with the intelligence to not only match, but far exceed Dr. Carson’s achievements, but due to the abuse, disrespect, and disdain that we’ve had to endure over the centuries, the majority of us would rather continue to endure the struggle of the masses than to prostitute our sense of dignity and respect in order to achieve all that we may have the potential to be. Some may call that dumb; I call it character.

It clearly demonstrates that we have both the intelligence and character to recognize that we should always give who we are priority over what we are.

Thus, we recognize that when you compare the achievements of Dr. Carson – and turncoats like Clarence Thomas, Herman Cain, and Allen West – to the price that they had to pay in terms of character and self-respect, their achievements seem quite shallow and unimportant





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