Supreme’s Ruling Is ‘Victory For Voting Rights’ — NAACP

NAACP’s Benjamin Jealous

In a 7-2 decision the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that Arizona’s proof of citizenship requirement is preempted by the federal law requiring states use the federal voter registration form.

“State government should encourage voting, not discourage it,” says NAACP President and CEO Benjamin Todd Jealous. “The Supreme Court made the right decision to strike down Arizona’s proof-of-citizenship law. We need to find innovative ways to make voting easier and more accessible for Americans, rather than coming up with new ways to suppress it.”

“Any victory for the National Voting Rights Act is a victory for our voters,” adds Jotaka Eaddy, Senior Director, Voting Rights. “Today’s decision reaffirms the importance of the National Voting Rights Act. It is a victory for voters and our Democracy.”


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