Supporting Our Own: Why We Must Shop Black-Owned This Holiday Season

By Edwin Freeman

Photos: Edwin Freeman

As we enter another holiday season filled with joy and togetherness, we must also remember the deeper meaning behind this special time of year – supporting and uplifting our community.

As an African American actor, writer and filmmaker, I understand firsthand the importance of Black consumers supporting Black businesses. We have made great strides with films that authentically portray the Black experience, like my latest project “Beats & Lyrics” currently on Prime Video. However, our success relies heavily on our community showing up not just on the big screen, but with their dollars.

The holiday shopping season accounts for 20-30% of annual sales for many retailers. Just imagine the economic boost we could provide to Black-owned businesses if we consciously chose to spend our money with them.

Here are some key reasons why shopping Black-owned this holiday season matters:

– Job Creation – Black-owned firms hire 2X more Black employees on average

– Community Revival – Each dollar spent at these businesses generally stays in the community longer

– Generational Wealth – Buying from Black-owned brands helps more Black families build assets to pass down

Plus, with the rise of online shopping, it’s easier than ever to find and support Black-owned businesses across the country. Sites like WeBuyBlack, Official Black Wall Street, and ShoppeBlack make it simple.

So as you buy gifts for your loved ones this holiday season, I encourage you to also see it as an opportunity to gift our community. Whether you’re getting your wife’s hair done at a local Black-owned salon, buying your husband’s shoes from a Black-owned boutique, or ordering toys for your kids from a Black-owned shop, choose to buy Black.

With our coordinated efforts, we can strengthen the foundation of generational wealth in our community. This holiday season, let’s Shop Black and give the gift that keeps on giving.

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